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Summer nights on the rocks in Svaneke

Summer nights on the rocks in Svaneke

Fun on Svaneke Harbour

Fun on Svaneke Harbour

Eat smoked herring in Svaneke

Eat smoked herring in Svaneke

The Bornholm version of the lottery - "Chicken Shitting"

The Bornholm version of the lottery - "Chicken Shitting"


Svaneke is the eastern most point on Bornholm – and probably also the most sought after holiday location on the island. Svaneke has a special charm and atmosphere, which may be the reason why the town has received the European Council’s gold medal for preservation work. Take a ride on the horse drawn carriage in Svaneke. If you think that the horses look oddly familiar, you could be right, as the horses graze on a field just 150 meters from your holiday apartment at Svaneke Savværk.

Across the field
From Svaneke Savværk there is just 400 meters to Svaneke Square, if you go straight there. BUT.. do try to take a right turn when exiting Svaneke Savværk. The path is uphill, but at the top of the hill, you will have the most wonderful view of Svaneke with the sea in the background, and in front of you, a little dirt road, which takes you to the old part of Svaneke.

Experience the atmosphere at the harbour
From the old part of Svaneke you can continue onwards to the beautiful harbour – you might be tempted to try a cold locally brewed beer from Svaneke Bryghus, along the way. Svaneke Bryghus is located by the square, where you will experience a wonderfully lively atmosphere, especially on market days, where you can get great deals in the little stalls, on everything from designer clothes to the best “æbleskiver” in Denmark. Do pay a visit to Svaneke Købmandshandel, an old grocery store, where the clocks have been set to the 1950s. If you fancy a swim, jump in from the rocks or the diving board in Svaneke Harbour. If you prefer sandy beaches, visit Hullehavn, where you will also find the charming little café “South-East of Paradise”.

Svaneke – The creative centre of Bornholm
Svaneke is charming – but it is so much more than that. Svaneke is also the creative centre of Bornholm. Paintings. One of a kind glass works. Liquorish. Designer clothes. Chocolate. Ice cream. - A trip to the local smokehouse, with its fish delicacies, is a holiday experience that you must not miss. If you are travelling with children, they will love the cannons at the old redoubt by Svaneke Smokehouse. Another fun experience is Chicken Bingo, which is Bornholm's local version of the lottery. It sounds a bit strange, but it creates lots of laughs when you let 3 chickens loose on a big bingo field where you have to bet on which number field the chickens will put the next "blob" on. As skilled announcers talk about the progress, the audience loudly comments on the progress - and some think it's good to have bad tracks in this game. The acknowledged danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende has named the Chicken Bingo in Svaneke as Denmark's third best holiday activity. You have to experience it!

Be careful
Svaneke has been known to be highly addictive – which could be the reason behind the fact that Svaneke has some of the highest real estate prices on Bornholm. Not just the islanders relocate to the town; many tourists have forgotten all about their return ticket to “Denmark”, following their holiday to Svaneke. So be careful…

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