Transport to Bornholm


To Bornholm via Øresundsbroen and Ystad in Sweden, where you will take the ferry to Bornholm.
When you travel on the catamaran from Ystad to Rønne, it takes less than three hours to travel from Copenhagen to Bornholm. On the route between Ystad and Rønne, both catamarans and traditional ferries are used. The catamaran makes the journey in 1 hour and 20 minutes, while the traditional ferry needs 2 ½ hours, to complete the journey. It is also possible to sail from Køge to Rønne. This route is operated as an overnight route, and the journey takes 5 ½ hours.

As a rule, we recommend our guests to travel via Ystad in Sweden, as the journey is shorter, and the tickets cheaper. We are happy to help book your ferry tickets, this service is free, when you are staying in one of our holiday locations. You can view the ferry timetable, or book your own ferry tickets here.

Are you travelling with a dog or cat through Sweden?
If you are travelling with a dog or cat through Sweden, there are a few conditions, which you need to be aware of. Read more here.


It is easy to travel to Bornholm by plane

The Bornholmer Plane will take you to Bornholm, easily and quickly. You can choose to travel from Copenhagen, Aalborg or Billund.  

We make sure that your tickets are booked. All you have to do is to check the box with your preferred departure airport, when making your reservation and you will be able to see the price of your ticket. Choose your favourite holiday location below, or call us now on +45 56 95 85 66, and we will help organise a lovely holiday on Bornholm.

All prices include one piece of checked baggage (max. 23 kilograms) per person.

The Bornholmerbus

It is easy to travel to Bornholm by bus
The Bornholmerbus leaves from Copenhagen Central Station and takes you to the harbour in Ystad, where there are only a few steps from the bus to the ferry. The journey takes less than 3 hours in total, from Copenhagen to Bornholm. One paying adult can bring two children under the age of 12, free of charge. The Bornholmerbus is an easy and affordable way to travel to Bornholm.

We make sure that all your tickets are booked, all you have to do, is check the box, when making your reservation. Call +45 56 95 85 66, or send us an email at, and we will help organise a lovely holiday on Bornholm.

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