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Svaneke has been named the most beautiful town in Denmark, and is one of the few towns in Europe to have been awarded the European Council’s gold medal for ”Excellent Preservation Work”. Stay in a holiday apartment or a summerhouse with sea view in Svaneke, a holiday home near the sea and the centre of Svaneke. Svaneke is full of beautiful timber framed houses. From Svaneke Square you can take a horse drawn carriage around town, and enjoy the beautiful houses and the holiday atmosphere of the old town. Spend your holiday in a town full of life, but in a slow pace. Stay in Svaneke, on your lovely holiday by the Baltic Sea.

Town and Harbour
From your holiday apartment or summerhouse in Svaneke, you can enjoy sea view and short walking distance to the sea. Just a few hundred meters from your holiday home, you will find Svaneke Harbour. On the harbour, there are many charming cafes and shops. Enjoy the beautiful old harbour, which has been preserved to such an extent that it was used as backdrop for the Oscar-winning movie ”Pelle the Conqueror”, in the scenes where Pelle arrives to Bornholm with his father in 1877. From the harbour, you can walk up the charming narrow streets to the town square, where the atmosphere is always great – especially on market days, where you might get a good deal from one of the locals. Visit the old grocery store, ”Svaneke Købmandshandel”, which is a grocery store kept in the exact style of the 1950s. By the town square, you can take part in Svaneke’s version of the lottery: ”Chicken-bingo”. The game is really quite simple, 3 chickens are let out onto a bingo square, and it is up to you to predict, which of the 100 fields receive the first ”greeting” from one of the chickens. Book your stay in a holiday apartment or summerhouse in Svaneke.

Art and design in Svaneke
When you stay in a holiday apartment or a summerhouse in Svaneke, you are staying in the creative centre of Bornholm. Paintings, designer clothes, and especially glass art are available in Svaneke. Glastorvet is home to the Bornholm designer, Pernille Bülow, where shop, showroom and workshop are one and the same, and all visitors to the shop will feel the heat of the glass oven on their faces. You can try your hand at making your own glass creations in Bülow by You, just down the street from your holiday apartment or summerhouse.

Svaneke’s sweet tooth
When you stay in a holiday apartment or a summerhouse in Svaneke, there will be plenty of culinary experiences in store for you. In Svaneke, there is no end to the sweets being produced: handmade liquorice, caramels, chocolate, wine gums, hard candy, and ice cream. The ice cream produced in Svaneke is made exclusively with jersey cream from the local farms, and flavoured by ingredients from the island’s natural pantry. Svaneke is also home to the organic brewery, Svaneke Bryghus, with its critically acclaimed beer, and the local smokehouse, where you can sample the Bornholm speciality, smoked herring. You will not have to go to bed hungry, when staying in a holiday apartment or summerhouse in Svaneke.

The coast in Svaneke
A holiday apartment or summerhouse in Svaneke provides easy access to experiences across the island. Just outside Svaneke, along the coast, you will find the small fishing villages of Bølshavn and Listed. Enjoy the ceramics, craft arts, and charming cafes. The coastline boasts beautiful rocks and many opportunities to dive into the sea. Maybe you have chosen to stay in a holiday apartment with access to a swimming pool. You can also visit Hullehavn, another old fishing village, just a few hundred meters from Svaneke Harbour, with a tiny charming sandy beach. You can play beach volley, dip your toes in the sand, or jump in the sea from the 3-meter high diving board. At Hullehavn, you will also find a small cafe, so there is no excuse for going thirsty. During the summer season, the cafe arranges many live concerts. You should pay Hullehavn a visit, if you are staying in a holiday apartment or summerhouse in Svaneke.

Svaneke - popular among tourists and locals
It is not just the tourists that love Svaneke. Svaneke boasts some of the highest real estate prices on Bornholm, and there are not many holiday homes on offer in Svaneke, as many of the local islanders have chosen to live in Svaneke themselves. – Not just the locals relocate to Svaneke; many tourists forget all about their return ticket to ”Denmark”, when they experience Svaneke. As such, we must warn you that Svaneke is highly addictive. Stay in a holiday apartment or summerhouse with sea view in Svaneke, if you dare!

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