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Holiday houses for 2-4 people

The holiday houses below are furnished for 2 to 4 people, or you can get a 2-person discount in selected periods.

Holiday houses for 4-6 personer

The holiday houses below are furnished for 4 to 6 people.

Holiday houses for 6-8 people

The holiday houses below are furnished for 6 to 8 people.

Holiday houses for 8-14 people

The holiday houses below are furnished for 8 to 14 people.

Holiday houses Bornholm

Are you going to Bornholm? It is important that you find a holiday home that suits your wishes and needs. On this page you will find a large selection of beautiful holiday houses distributed throughout Bornholm. A holiday on Bornholm is a special experience for the whole family. The silky sandy beaches invite you to play and sunbathe, while the dramatic cliffs invite you to adventure and cliff jumping. Enjoy a sunny day at Balka Beach. Here you can learn to surf, rent a SUP board or just relax in the soft sand. The water level is low, which makes the beach very child-friendly. If you want to try bathing from rocks, you must go to Svenske Harbor close to Nexø. It is a secret little gem where many Bornholmers come to bathe. When the days do not invite to beach trips and swimming, you can visit one of the island's many museums. In Nexø you will find the museum for the Bornholm Railways. Here you can experience how railways once shaped the Bornholm landscape and the everyday life of Bornholm residents. On Dueodde you will find BornholmerTårnet. It is an old military facility that has today been transformed into an experience center for the whole family. Learn about Bornholm's role in the Cold War or enjoy the fantastic view from the top of the tower. It is important to have a good base when you want to experience Bornholm's many attractions. A holiday house with Team Bornholm gives you a good and safe base that you will look forward to return to.

Do you want to rent a holiday house in week 28, 29 or 30?

Many guests want to stay in a holiday house on Bornholm during week 28, 29 or 30. At Team Bornholm you will find a large selection of holiday houses during these weeks, but of course you can also rent a holiday house the other weeks of the year. The holiday houses in weeks 28, 29 and 30 are always booked first. You therefore do not have to wait too long if you want a holiday house during one of these weeks. Find your favorite resort, click on it and enter your desired arrival and departure dates in the blue booking bar. Then you will get an overview of available holiday houses in the current period. In most periods, you can freely choose your arrival and departure day, but in the high season, due to the other bookings, there may be requirements for arrival day and length of journey. If you want as flexible a booking as possible, you can book your holiday house outside the high season. Then the chances that you can have your wishes fulfilled are greater. You are guaranteed a good holiday when you choose to spend it on Bornholm. No matter what time of year you choose to visit the island, you are always sure to find wonderful holiday houses and exciting experiences. If you are planning a visit to Bornholm in week 42, a holiday house at Storløkke Holiday Park might be something for you? Here you will get a nice base and the whole family can enjoy the heated swimming pool. If, on the other hand, you are planning a visit in week 29 and want a holiday house with a sea view, the holiday houses in Sandkås is perhaps something for you? Here you will get the most beautiful sea view and live only a stone's throw from the sea.

Large selection of holiday houses with pool

The holiday becomes extra fun when there is a swimming pool. At Team Bornholm you will find a large selection of holiday houses with free access to the pool. Stay in the charming Gudhjem Holiday Park, where the large pool is beautifully located on a hilltop with a view of the sea. Choose between holiday houses both with and without sea view. Common to all the holiday houses is that you have access to the lovely pool. When you live in Gudhjem, don't forget to go down to the harbor and get yourself a genuine Bornholm soft ice. If you're really hungry, you can buy one of Denmark's biggest ice creams - but you'll probably need help from your friends or family if you're going to be able to eat it all. You can also stay in the middle of the forest in Hasle Holiday Park. Enjoy the tranquility and idyll around your holiday house, and take a slide in the pool's waterslide. For the little ones, there is a children's pool where they can safely play and splash around in the water. When you choose a holiday house with a pool, you add a little extra fun to your holiday. The kids will love it, and the elders will also enjoy taking a swim in the pool, or just enjoying the sun in one of the deck chairs with a good book. When you want to replace the chlorine water with sea water, you can go to the nearby beach, Levka, or you can go into the center and jump into the sea from the beautiful harbor bath. The harbor bath in Hasle is also a good place to enjoy the sunset with a cup of coffee or an ice cream. There are many options for a holiday house with pool on Bornholm. See the overview here and choose the holiday house you would like the most.

Find holiday houses on the entire island

You need to make a number of considerations before booking your holiday house. One of them is where your holiday house will be located. Do you want a holiday house in Rønne, where you live close to forest, beach and town? Then you must see the beautiful holiday houses in Strandløkken. They are nicely and modernly furnished, and are beautifully located in Rønne. On the other hand, do you dream of a holiday house in Allinge close to cliffs and city life? Then the idyllic Æblehaven with its cozy holiday houses will be something for you. In Svaneke, too, you will find beautiful holiday houses close to the bustling city life and within walking distance of the sea. Try to see the holiday houses in Bryggergården or the modern holiday house Bygfogedhuset. In Dueodde you will find a beautiful holiday house located right on the edge of the forest. From here you can quickly get down to Dueodde Beach to swim or sunbathe. At Team Bornholm you will find holiday houses all over Bornholm. Sit back with a cup of coffee and start your research for the perfect holiday house now.

Holiday house rental made easy

It should be easy to book a holiday house on Bornholm. When you book your holiday house with Team Bornholm, you always get cleaning included in the price. Then you save time, which you can instead use to experience Bornholm. Why not go on a round church safari and see the Bornholm round churches? There are 4: one in Nyker, one in Nylars, one in Olsker and one in Østerlars. The one in Olsker is said to be the most beautiful, whereas the one in Østerlars is the largest. Electricity, water and heat consumption are also always included in the price if you book a holiday house. This way you avoid unpleasant surprises. You also always get a free sickness cancellation insurance included in the price, so you are covered if the accident happens and you fall ill before your trip. As an additional service, you have the option of booking your holiday house as a package tour. Choose a ferry crossing from Ystad or Sassnitz or a flight from Copenhagen, Billund or Aalborg, and we will make sure to book the tickets for you - of course according to your wishes for the departure time. Your tickets through Team Bornholm are always round-trip tickets, although you will quickly want to stay, once you experience what Bornholm has to offer. The island abounds with delicious restaurants - everything from exquisite gourmet to classic café food. Don't forget to visit a smokehouse and taste the local specialty "Sol Over Gudhjem". When you book your holiday house as a package tour, the transport you choose is always included in the price. Then you have a quick and easy overview of what the holiday will cost and how much money there is to buy local caramels and cream buns.

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