kort Gudhjem

The mountain town of Bornholm
When you stay in a holiday apartment or summerhouse in idyllic Gudhjem, you stay in, what can only be described as, Denmark’s only mountain town. Winding streets with charming houses climb up the steep rocky ground from the town’s old harbour. Gudhjem is all about holiday spirit. Along the harbour and up the winding streets, only a short distance from your holiday apartment, you will find a wealth of cafes and restaurants. During the summer months, there are plenty of interesting shops to visit. In Gudhjem, you will find everything you need for a lovely holiday. The steep street from the main road and down through Gudhjem is called Brøddegade. – If you ask the locals, this is the only appropriate name for it, as Brødde means ”hill” in the local dialect. When you arrive, there will be no doubt in your mind, which street Brøddegade is.

Sun and herring
With a holiday apartment in Gudhjem, you are not far from the town’s very own smokehouse. At Gudhjem Smokehouse, you can sample the Bornholm speciality, smoked herring. The smokehouse also offers a fish buffet, or you can try the local speciality – Sol over Gudhjem ”Sun over Gudhjem”, which is a smoked herring on rye bread, with radishes, chives and a raw egg yolk. You can also get the delicious fish to go, and enjoy a meal in your holiday home. During the summer, the smokehouse also hosts large barbeque buffets and live music.

Learn more on the website of the smokehouse:

“Sol over Gudhjem” is also the name of an annual chef competition, hosted in Gudhjem, which usually takes place in June. In the competition, some of Denmark’s top chefs compete to produce the best starter, main course, and dessert. The competition is a televised event, which takes place on a big stage on the harbour in Gudhjem. Along with the competition, there will be a large food market on the harbour and samples for the audience. With a holiday apartment in Gudhjem, you will have access to many interesting experiences.

Magical light above Gudhjem
Gudhjem is known for a magical light. When you stay in a holiday apartment in Gudhjem, you will have front row seats to this amazing phenomenon. Gudhjem is located on the northern coast of Bornholm, which means that when the sun goes down, west of the island’s northern tip, the light in the sky above the town, as well as the sea, takes on a magical hue. This light is so magical that Danish and international artists have flocked to the town, in an attempt to recreate it on canvas. One of these artists was the Bornholm born Oluf Høst, who chose to settle down and build a studio in Gudhjem, so that he could be close to one of his main subjects – the view of Norresân and the magical light. The Oluf Høst Museum can be found in Gudhjem, in the villa Norresân, where Oluf Høst lived with his wife. In the museum, you will get a sense of the painter’s life and experience examples of his work.

For more information, visit the museum’s website:

Roundtrip to Christiansø
When choosing to stay in a holiday apartment in Gudhjem, you are choosing a holiday apartment with easy access to a wealth of experiences. For example, the daily departure from Gudhjem to Christiansø. Christiansø, along with another small island Frederiksø, is the easternmost point in Denmark. The islands are owned by the Danish Defence, which links back to the 1800s, when Christiansø functioned as a naval station, in the battle against Sweden and England. Plant and animal life at Christiansø is really quite something; here you can experience rare frogs, eiders, and seals.

For more information, visit the website of the Christiansø Ferry:

Along the coast to Helligdomsklipperne
From the harbour in Gudhjem, you can take a boat trip along the coast. One of the trips available with M/S Thor takes you to "Helligdomsklipperne". This beautiful rock formation, known as Helligdomsklipperne, also consist of two rock caves,”The Wet Oven” and ”The Dry Oven”. Helligdomsklipperne were named after a holy spring, which sprang immediately above the rock formation. Through the ages, people travelled here on pilgrimage, in the hope of being healed by the holy waters. In another cave, known as ”The Black Pot”, you can go 60 meters into the rocks. A trip to Helligdomsklipperne is a must, when choosing to stay in a holiday apartment in Gudhjem.

From Helligdomsklipperne, you can continue your excursion with a visit to Bornholm’s Art Museum. Immediately above Helligdomsklipperne, and approximately 6 kilometres from Gudhjem and your holiday apartment, lies the museum, and its architectonic presence is almost an attraction in its own right. At Bornholm’s Art Museum you can experience art with strong connections to the island, much of the art is heavily influenced by the modernist breakthrough. The modern architecture of the museum includes a water feature, where the holy spring has been incorporated into the build, and runs all the way through the museum.

Visit the museum’s website for more information:

Soft ice and summer
Gudhjem is much more than a holiday destination; the local islanders also love to visit Gudhjem. The beautiful town, and its many culinary experiences, is always worth another visit. In Gudhjem, you can dive into the sea from one of the many rocks along the coast, or take a swim in the harbour at Norresân, and take a rest on the floating platform. Perhaps you have chosen to stay in a holiday apartment, where you have access to a swimming pool.

In Gudhjem, you can also sample another Bornholm speciality – Krøllebølle Soft Ice. On the harbour in Gudhjem, you can visit Gudhjem Special, an ice cream vendor of 60 years, and there is no need to leave hungry, as the largest ice cream on the menu is 50 cm high and weighs more than 1.5 kg.

Every year in July, a large family run is arranged in Gudhjem, with hilly routes for children and adults. If you have enjoyed one too many ice creams under the summer sun, you can strap on your running shoes and go for a run with the whole family. There are plenty of reasons to stay in a holiday apartment in Gudhjem.

The bicycle race Born Fondo
When you stay in a holiday apartment in Gudhjem, you are staying in the hilly landscape of the Bornholm bicycle race, Born Fondo. The race takes place in May, and attracts cyclists from several different countries. The race has been nominated for the Danish Bike Award, and boasts a 123 kilometre long mountain route, and an individual mountain time trial the day before the race, where the male and female frontrunner win the right to wear the spotted mountain jersey on race day. A holiday apartment in Gudhjem can be the base for an active holiday.

Agricultural museum and fishing village
Just a stone’s throw from your holiday apartment in Gudhjem, you will find the little fishing village of Melsted. In Melsted, you will feel as though time has been turned back, and the small streets and pretty timber framed houses provides an amazing atmosphere. Melsted is home to a beautiful little sandy beach, if you prefer sand between your toes, to rock diving. – If you haven’t also chosen a holiday apartment with access to a swimming pool, that is.

In Melsted, you will also be able to experience the agricultural museum, Gaarden. Gaarden is home to Gourmet Bornholm, a working agricultural museum, and a delicatessen. These days, Gaarden is a kind of food embassy for Bornholm specialities. At Gaarden, there are experiences and activities for the whole family, all just a short distance from your holiday apartment in Gudhjem.

Lovely holiday apartments
When you spend your holiday in a holiday apartment in Gudhjem, you can choose between different holiday resorts, for example Gudhjem Feriepark and Gudhjem Søpark. You can choose between holiday apartments or lovely double rooms at the guest house Pension Koch. In several of our holiday locations, you will have access to a swimming pool and play area for the children. You will also be able to choose a holiday home with sea views – nothing says holiday, like waking up to a view of the sea.

When you stay in Gudhjem with us, you will always be staying near the sea. In Gudhjem, we have holiday homes for couples, as well as for small or large families. In our office, our friendly staff is always ready to help with your holiday arrangements – also if you are a larger group, and you wish to stay in separate holiday apartments, yet close to each other.

In Gudhjem, you can enjoy a lovely holiday in well-designed holiday apartments close to the beach, the sea, attractions, and restaurants.

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