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When you choose a hotel, you will be extra pampered with, for example, a spa area, sea view or breakfast. Many of the hotels also have their own restaurant, and in some places you can get half-board or all-inclusive. It is the perfect choice for you, regardless of whether you want to go on an extended weekend, holiday for a whole week or just looking for a single or two nights on Bornholm. In almost all periods, you can arrive and depart on all days of the week - and you decide entirely yourself how long you stay. Click on the individual hotels at the top and enter the dates in the booking box to see check the availability, or call us on tel. +45 56 95 85 66.

Enjoy a relaxing hotel holiday on Bornholm

Allinge-Sandvig and Sandkås have been a preferred tourist destination for decades. If you would like to stay at a hotel in Allinge-Sandvig, you can choose to stay at Hotel Hammersø. Here you get a base with good opportunities for beautiful walks in the beautiful natural surroundings, a nice swimming pool and the option of half-board. Hotel Abildgård in Sandkås is another sought-after accommodation. The hotel has some wonderful hotel facilities, including all-inclusive - where both a delicious breakfast, large evening menu and drinks are included in your stay - and a delicious outdoor swimming pool. In addition, the hotel is close to the sandy beach and cliffs. The northern bornholm is a great starting point for your hotel holiday on Bornholm. Some of Bornholm's most popular sights and attractions are located on this side of the island. Go to Hammershus, experience the medieval fortress and hear the exciting stories. You can also go on a walking tour around Hammerknuden. When you stay overnight in Allinge-Sandvig or Sandkås, you live quite close to the center, where shops with Bornholm souvenirs and delicious local restaurants are located. You will of course also find two formidable smokehouses, where you can enjoy a smoked herring or some of the other delicious fish dishes.

Are you looking for accommodation in Rønne? Rønne is a lovely city that offers experiences in art, culture, music and gastronomy. In Rønne you can go to a museum, ceramics factory, theater or see a concert or stand-up show. Rønne is Bornholm's capital, and offers endless possibilities for exciting holidays. You can read much more about experiences in Rønne right here. In Rønne, you can spend the night at three of Bornholm's best-known hotels - who knows, maybe you'll want to try staying at them all? In the center of Rønne, set back from the city, you will find the Griffen Spahotel, which offers a large, lovely indoor and outdoor spa area, massage treatments and a steakhouse restaurant. You can also stay at Griffen's sister hotel, Fredensborg Badehotel, where in the large garden you feel that time stands still. The spa hotel is furnished in a modern Nordic style by the local designer, Pernille Bülow. Here you will find, among other things, the hotel's private jetty, outdoor hot tubs, beautiful rooms with a sea view, and you absolutely must not cheat yourself out of trying the French- and seafood inspired restaurant. Not far from Fredensborg Badehotel, you will find the third and award-winning hotel, Green Solution House - or in daily reference Hotel GSH. Green Solution House is a pioneering hotel full of green solutions. The hotel has won several awards for its green operations, including the EU's environmental award. At Green Solution House, you can talk about hotel accommodation with a clear conscience.

Stay at a cozy guesthouse in Gudhjem. Look forward to the delicious breakfast buffet with flavors produced in Bornholm. Enjoy an adult holiday on Bornholm in a wonderful atmosphere at Pension Koch, where you can of course also enjoy the view over Gudhjem town and the Baltic Sea. Gudhjem offers many hours of sunshine, which gives the city a special magical glow. If the sun don't shine, you can actually find a bit of sunshine for yourself anyway - it is not only a phenomenon, but also the name of the wonderful local specialty. Go down to Gudhjem Smokehouse and taste a "Sol Over Gudhjem" ("Sun Over Gudhjem") before you move on to explore the city.

With a perfect location directly at Svaneke Harbour, you have the opportunity to stay overnight at a hotel in Svaneke, at the idyllic Hotel Siemsens Gaard. The hotel is full of cozy corners where you can smell the beautiful rose garden and really enjoy the holiday atmosphere in peace and quiet. The hotel also houses a delicious restaurant where you can enjoy your food with a view of Svaneke Harbor and the sea. Svaneke is an extremely charming holiday town, where you can experience a ride in a horse-drawn carriage through Svaneke's beautiful streets, or you can enjoy the many sweet temptations, such as licorice, chocolate or ice cream. Svaneke is also ideal to visit if you are into art experiences. Here you will find both showrooms and working art workshops. You can read much more about what you can experience when you holiday in Svaneke here.

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With a package tour to one of Bornholm's hotels, it's easy to spend the night on Bornholm. Add ferry or plane crossing to your booking and let us do the rest. You are welcome to make requests for what time of day you want to leave. You can also choose to book one of the good deals on hotel stays on Bornholm, where the ferry or plane crossing has already been added for you. Book your hotel stay with Team Bornholm and get a price guarantee. With Team Bornholm, you book directly at the hotel without expensive intermediaries. In addition, your stay with Team Bornholm always includes free sickness cancellation insurance. Book online or call tel. +45 56 95 85 66

NB! All hotel rooms are non-smoking.

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