The world has probably never been so unpredictable as in this time. Hopefully the World will be normal again soon. But what happens if it goes the wrong way? - And if you no longer feel safe going on holiday?

Buy a holiday with a Safety-Guarantee
The safety-guarantee ensures that you can cancel your holiday and get your money back if you still do not want to travel. You do not have to state any reason for your cancellation. All you have to do is inform us by mail no later than 30 days before your scheduled departure, then you will immediately get your deposit for the trip refunded.

With the safety-guarantee you can book the holiday you want - and at the same time feel safe, because you can cancel the holiday again at no cost.

What does the Safety-Guarantee cost?
You buy the safety-guarantee at the same time as booking your holiday. The price is just EUR 41,- per holiday home.

Book your holiday now
With the Safety-Guarantee you can safely book your holiday. Therefore, book your holiday now ... then you can already today start looking forward to wonderful holidays in Bornholm. See all the wonderful resorts here:

Allinge - Sandvig - Sandkås

Balka - Dueodde






Svaneke - Årsdale

Children and grandchildren will love a summer holiday on Bornholm

Children and grandchildren will love a summer holiday on Bornholm

Enjoy the late summer on Bornholm

Enjoy the late summer on Bornholm

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You will get the best price
With us, you are booking directly at the holiday location - ensuring you get the best price. Our price always includes cleaning, electricity, and free cancellation insurance. No hidden fees!

Plane- and ferry tickets
We are happy to help you with booking plane-, or ferry tickets.. and of course, this service is free for you. 

No set arrival days
At almost all of our holiday locations, you have the option of arriving and departing any day of the week, and as such, you do not need to book an whole week.