kort Hasle

Great location
A holiday apartment in Hasle Feriepark, or holiday cottage in Hasle Hytteby, is the first entry in the recipe for an excellent holiday. Hasle is an old fishing village, and the second smallest town on Bornholm, just 10 kilometres from Rønne. Hasle and Rønne are connected by an extensive wooded area and wonderful bicycle lanes. When you stay in a holiday apartment in Hasle, it is easy to get around by bicycle. The large wooded area also means that you can expect a rich animal life, right outside the windows of your holiday home. In the early mornings, while all is still quiet, the deer will enjoy a morning walk in front of the holiday homes in Hasle.

Holiday in the woods by the beach
From your holiday home, you can walk through the beautiful old pine forest down to the wide sandy beach, where there is ample opportunity for lovely holiday experiences. Despite the fact that the beach in Hasle has soft white sand, and wonderfully clear waters, it is one of the least visited of the beaches on Bornholm – it is almost only visited by the locals. When you stay in a holiday home in Hasle, you will be staying near the beach in a lovely wooded area. In the surrounding woods, there are many beautiful lakes, all products of industrial digs for clay and coal. The lakes have been named after gemstones, because of the way the water reflects colours, and there is a rich animal life in and around all the lakes. Visit Ruby Lake, Sapphire Lake, Emerald Lake, or Pyrite Lake, when you stay in a holiday home in Hasle Feriepark.

Herring and history
The Green in Hasle is located between your holiday home in Hasle Feriepark and Hasle Smokehouse. On the Green you will find a large play area, suitable for all ages. The smokehouse in Hasle is the last smokehouse on Bornholm, where the herring is still smoked in an open oven. The smokehouse also functions as a working museum, where you can experience how the locals have smoked herring through generations, herring that, to the locals, are known as ”the Bornholm gold”. By Hasle Smokehouse you can still see the old ”drying lines”, where the herring was hung out to air, when coming out of the oven. Of course, you can also taste the smoked herring at the smokehouse in Hasle, which is located just a few hundred meters from your holiday home in Hasle Feriepark.

For more information, visit the smokehouse’s website: http://hasleroegeri.dk/

Beach-town and Marina
Your holiday apartment in Hasle Feriepark is only a short walk from the old harbour, which is still home to active commercial fishing. By the harbour, it is possible to get something to eat and drink, at one of the cafes or restaurants. Through recent years, the harbour has undergone an extensive renewal process; a harbour canal has been created, which is frequently used by the town’s kayak club. Furthermore, the harbour boasts a town beach with beach volley course, a harbour bath, with diving boards and sauna club. By the town beach, you can do water sports – you might fancy trying your hand a sea kayaking, or perhaps a go on a paddleboard. Hasle Marina is a popular destination for sailboats, and the harbour is full of life in the summer. All of this in walking distance from your holiday home in Hasle Feriepark.

Holiday in an old town
When you stay in a holiday home in Hasle Feriepark, there are great options for grocery shopping. Furthermore, the old merchant’s yard, Grønbech’s Gaard is home to the exhibition of the Arts & Craft Association of Bornholm, which is the association of the most talented professional craft artists on the island. Visit the website for more information: http://www.groenbechsgaard.dk/

On the town square in Hasle, in the old town hall, you will find the local tourist information centre.

The west coast of Bornholm
Just north of Hasle, and your holiday home in Hasle Feriepark, you will find the idyllic fishing villages of Helligpeder and Teglkaas, as well as the impressive rock formation ”Jon’s Chapel”. According to history, Jon washed ashore by the rock formation, following a shipwreck. Caused by his immense gratitude for having survived, he became a missionary. From the towering cliffs – one of which is shaped as a pulpit – Jon proclaimed the Christian message to the heathen population. To the locals, the rock formation thus became known as Jon’s Chapel. Jon’s Chapel is accessible by a staircase of approximately 200 steps, and the experience is worth the trek. Good thing that you do not have far to go afterwards, until you can relax in your holiday home in Hasle Feriepark, once again.

Adventure and castle ruins
There is only 13 kilometres from your holiday home in Hasle Feriepark to the largest castle ruin in Northern Europe, Hammershus. Hammershus is the most visited attraction on Bornholm, and if you visit, you will know exactly why. The ruins, which is thought to originate from the 1200s, is an impressive experience, both with regards to history and natural surroundings. In 2018, HRH Crown Princess Mary, inaugurated the new Visitors’ Centre, which is an architectural attraction in its own right. A holiday home in Hasle provides many opportunities for interesting experiences.

Spend your holiday in Hasle Feriepark
When you stay in a holiday apartment, or holiday cottage, in Hasle, you will stay close to both Rønne and Allinge, and you will never run out of things to do and experience. Choose between holiday apartments and cottages in Hasle, located close to the sandy dunes, where several fossils, and footprints from the world’s largest dinosaur, the sauropod, have been found. A holiday home in Hasle Feriepark provides you with an amazing starting point for a lovely holiday on Bornholm, with plenty of opportunities for interesting experiences near your holiday home, and with easy access to the remaining attractions on Bornholm. Hasle is located on the west coast of Bornholm, and it is an amazing place to experience the magical sunsets over the Baltic Sea. Sea and sky become one, and red, yellow, and purple nuances rule the horizon.

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