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Nexø - a pleasant trading town

In recent years, Nexø has undergone an exciting development from a fishing town to a modern trading town. The development has really helped to open the eyes of tourists to the cozy town. In Nexø you can enjoy all the best that Bornholm has to offer: Trade, artisans, restaurants - the town is also surrounded by beautiful nature, so you are close to the beach, forest, fissure valleys and cliffs.

The sandy beach on Balka, which is an extension of Nexø, is of course a "must" to visit if you have children on holiday. The beach offers chalk white sand, shallow water depth and blue sea as far as the eye goes. But there are also plenty of other experiences in Nexø - and the area around the town.

You can experience Nexø's past as a fishing town at the local museum, which is located less than 100 meters from the beautiful holiday apartments at Nexø Havnefront. At the museum you can also hear about the dramatic days in May 1945. While the rest of Denmark celebrated the liberation, Nexø was bombed by Russian planes. The German commander on Bornholm would thus only surrender to English or American troops, but in the great political game the British and Americans did not dare to provoke the Russians by coming so far to the east. Therefore, the Russian planes bombed Nexø, and only when large parts of the town were left in ruins, did the German commander surrender.

Filled with exciting experiences at Nexø Museum, you can move on to the Square, where there are cafes and exciting shops with applied art and clothes. In “Nexø Herremagasin” you can shop beautiful menswear - and in “Gutemensch” you get the hottest brands from around the world for both girls and boys. In the shop “Upstairs” there are smart clothes for the girls. Also visit “Fashion-Resales”, where you can buy recycled designer clothes at attractive prices. In the “HOLMER” store you will find lots of Bornholm delicacies in both food and design - for example the “Bornholmer Donut”, which is a freshly made donut from local ingredients. Does it get any better? If you are looking for places to eat in Nexø, you should read further down this page.

5 things to experience in Nexø

1. The Martin Andersen Nexø Museum

If you are interested in literature, then the Martin Andersen Nexø Museum is a must to visit when you are on holiday in Nexø. The author's childhood home is designed as a museum - and from there you can follow the 6.6-kilometer-long poet route that takes you past the beautiful places in Nexø, which Martin Andersen Nexø used as inspiration in his works such as ex “Pelle the Conqueror” and “Ditte, Child of Man”

2. The dramatic Hills of Paradise

Only 3 kilometers from Nexø you will find Paradisbakkerne – the Hills of Paradise which offers an adventurous nature with rocky landscapes, small fissure valleys and hiking blocks from the Ice Age. Make sure you tie the laces well before you leave home, because as the name suggests, the Paradise Hills is a very hilly area. In the Hills of Paradise you can see one of Bornholm's seven castles, Gammelborg, and one of Bornholm's largest rocking- stones. Try to see if you can make the ton-heavy rock shake with just a light touch! The Hills of Paradise are also a popular area for mountain biking.

3. The Bornholm Railway Museum

Once upon a time, locomotives carried the people of Bornholm around the island. It is now many years ago, but in several places on the island, you can still see remains from the old railways - for example, the bike track from Nexø to the beautiful sandy beach Balka is laid out on the old railway line. At the Bornholm Railway Museum, you experience what it was like from 1900 to 1968, when the locomotives drove from Nexø to Rønne, among other places.  

4. Market days at Skippertorvet

Bornholm is known for its cozy flea markets. The market in Nexø is no exception. Pack your wallet with small coins and look around the many stalls with applied art and other whimsical things and cases. Listen to live music while making a bargain. At the Bornholm flea markets you can make lots of good findings for little money.

5. The Butterfly Park in Nexø

The Butterfly Park in Nexø is a tropical and different experience with more than 1,000 butterflies and lots of exotic plants, flowers and trees. The temperature in the park is always 27 degrees. You can join one of the guided tours and experience the many beautiful butterflies - or you can walk around the park and enjoy the many different impressions on your own. Parrots and other tropical birds also live in the butterfly park. You can also experience waterfalls and a lake with tropical fish species.

Restaurants in Nexø

It is easy to find inviting restaurants in Nexø.

Pizza Deli
In Toldboldgade, on the way down to the garden from the square, you will find Pizza Deli. Here, Italian and local ingredients from Bornholm are combined in the finest style, in the form of crispy pizzas. If you are more into pasta, the menu also offers this. Take the food home in your holiday apartment, or find a bench down by the harbor and enjoy your gourmet pizza or pasta with a nice view over the sea.

Speaking of the harbor, remember to make your way past the H8 Gourmet Café. Here, the framework for a cozy meal is created, just waiting to be filled by you. The food is simple, honest, and goes extremely well with a glass of wine or one of the exciting freshly made juices.

When you need a good cup of coffee or is hungry for a lunch you may try the popular Danish open sandwiches at Café Guldbønnen, which is less than 50 meters from the beautiful holiday apartments on Nexø Havnefront.

Nexø Gamle Røgeri - Nexø's Old Smokehouse

In Nexø you can experience one of Denmark's oldest smokehouses: Nexø Gamle Røgeri. Try the classic smoked herring or the signature dish “Sol Over Gudhjem” with rye bread, smoked herring. Egg yolk, onion, radishes and chives. Enjoy it on the terrace with a view over the sea, accompanied by a cold, locally produced beer. You can also explore the delicatesse-department and buy smoked goods and bring it home. At Nexø Smokehouse you get an authentic, local smokehouse experience - and at a very attractive price level.

Legends, sandstones and Svaneke granite

The legend of the Devil's hat
A little outside Nexø is Bodil's Church. Legend has it that a priest once fled from the Devil himself. The pastor reached just inside the church grounds before the Devil's long fingers grabbed the pastor. That reportedly made the Devil so furious that he threw his hat after the priest. However, he hit past, and the hat drilled into the church tower facing the road, where to this day you can still see it wedged into the whitewashed wall. Whether the story is true or not is hard to say, but it is true that there is an inexplicable stone on the church wall that looks like a hat ... and it is also true that Bodil's Church is a beautiful church, which is a worth visiting.

Quarries and sandstones
Just outside the center of Nexø is Frederiks Quarry, where sandstone was mined in the 1700th century, a little north of the quarry, you can experience the dividing line between the Nexø sandstone and the harder granite type “Svaneke granite”. There is about 1.2 billion years difference in age between the two granite types. Try to stand with one leg in each zone and feel the buzz of history. In Martin Andersen Nexø's short story "The Coast of Childhood", the author talks about this special natural area. Today, the quarry is filled with water and forms an excellent fishing lake where you can catch trout, pikeperch and perch. Sit on a bench and enjoy the beautiful area and the sea view.

Swedish Harbour - A secret paradise for an avid swimmer

If you follow the road from Nexø towards Svaneke, after about 3.5 kilometers you will encounter a gravel road on the right. If you drive down this, you will be led down to a true little paradise for everyone who loves to swim from the rocks. The Port of Sweden is an almost unknown attraction, hardly known to anyone, but the local people of Bornholm know. The people of Bornholm come to swim in the clear water and sunbathe on the rocks - and you are also very welcome as a guest. The Port of Sweden has had its name for centuries. Partly because Swedish fishing vessels landed their catches here in the 16th century, but also because Swedish troops invaded the Nexø area in the 17th century with a landing just from the Swedish Harbour.

Get your move on in Nexø

Værftet - Skate center and playground
If you have children with you on holiday, they will love visiting Værftet in Nexø. The old shipyard has thus been transformed into a wonderful experience center for the whole family. There is both a playground for the little ones, a skate center for the brave, and a café when it comes to taking a well-deserved break.

Nexø Golf Club
Nexø Golf Club is located at Dueodde Golf Course. Here you can buy green fees, rent trolleys, buggies and other golf equipment. Enjoy the sight of the beautiful nature while playing golf. Dueodde Golf Course is of course carefully incorporated into the Bornholm landscape and with its many lakes is reminiscent of a sea-side course.

Mountain biking in Nexø and surroundings
There is plenty of opportunity to use your mountain bike in Nexø. Only 3 kilometers from the town is the Hills of Paradise, which offers beautiful forest with wild rock formations, gorges and a wide network of paths. There are no recorded routes, but the forest is still very popular for mountain bikers. You can consult with a local or hire a MTB guide, so you are sure to cycle along the most suitable tracks. The Hills of Paradise is a private forest area, so you must be aware of special rules.

You can also hop on your MTB and head for Dueodde. On the way there you will be led through many green forest areas and the cozy town Snogebæk. At Dueodde, a large forest area with sand hills and dune landscapes awaits you, where you can have hours of fun riding your mountain bike.

Holiday in Nexø
Look forward to a wonderful holiday in Nexø, where you can stay in the beautiful apartments on Nexø Havnefront.

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