Holiday with dog on Bornholm

Of course, your best friend should not miss out on a great vacation. You can bring your dog on holiday to Bornholm at almost all our resorts throughout the island. Look below which resorts gives you the best opportunity to bring your dog on holiday.

Allinge - Sandvig - Sandkås

Balka - Dueodde

Boderne - Sømarken




Svaneke - Årsdale

Bring your dog on holiday to Bornholm

When you want to holiday on Bornholm and you want to bring your dog with you, Team Bornholm offers a large selection of dog-friendly resorts. Your dog will definitely love to frolic on Bornholm's wide sandy beaches, the many meadow areas or in the green forests. Around the island you will also find the popular dog forests. Here your dog can be allowed to socialize with other dogs, and not least run around freely without a leash, since the dog forests are fenced. There is plenty of opportunity to go for some long, beautiful walks when you bring your dog on holiday to Bornholm - for example on the beautiful beaches. Don’t worry to leave your four-legged friend at home when you go dining at a restaurant. At many of the island's restaurants you can bring your dog with you. However, some restaurants require you to sit outdoors, if you bring your dog. Therefore, it might be a good idea to remember a warm sweater, if it is a windy day. Many of the restaurants are nice to hand out a bowl of water, so that your dog can get something to drink, but it is always a good idea to have some water in your bag, when you bring your dog to a restaurant on Bornholm. With so many new impressions and exciting scent tracks, your dog will probably get thirsty!

Team Bornholm offers you a wide selection of holiday homes and holiday apartments, where it is allowed to bring your dog. It only costs a cleaning fee of EUR 48, - if you want to bring your dog on holiday on Bornholm. If you have a cat, rabbit, budgie, or other animal, this is of course also welcome. Just remember to state it in the phone or in the comments field when booking your stay.

Rules for travelling with a dog to Denmark

We kindly ask you to please familiarize yourself with the current rules for bringing a dog to Denmark for non-commercial errands. You can follow the guide on this page.

Transit through Sweden
If you need to transit through Sweden you will also have to follow the rules for travelling with a dog through sweden. 

  1. Your dog must be ID-marked with a microchip or clearly legible tattoo
  2. Your dog must have a "pet passport" which you will obtain from your veterinarian
  3. Your dog must be rabies vaccinated. The vaccination must be made no later than 3 weeks before departure
  4. The import of a dog through Sweden must be reported to the Swedish customs authorities on both your arrival and return journey. You do this easily on this website. Remember to read the information on the webside before entering your e-mail address. In the field "Place of entry" you must state: "Öresundsbron / Malmö" on your departure, and "Ystad" on your return journey. Also remember to bring the notification number, you receive.

Where should I live with my dog?

Above you can see the resorts, which are best suited for traveling with a dog. You can choose between modern holiday apartments and cozy holiday homes as well as beautiful holiday parks and comfortable hotels. They are all close to the beautiful nature on Bornholm, where your dog will love to be allowed to frolic.

In order to maintain the beautiful condition of the holiday homes in the best possible way, we ask you to make sure that your dog does not lie in beds, chairs or sofas during your holiday. In this way, you help to ensure that future guests with a dog also have a wonderful stay on Bornholm. In addition, of course, remember to have your dog on a leash, when you air it outdoors, as well as pick up leftovers - just as you do at home.

Dog show on Bornholm

Every year in mid-August, the Danish Kennel Club hosts a dog show on Bornholm in Rønne. It is a popular event that attracts many dog-loving families, year after year. At Team Bornholm you can book accommodation with your dog in connection to the dog show. Choose from a wide selection of dog-friendly resorts throughout the island. You can also choose to book your stay as a package trip - then you have everything you need, and it will be easier and more manageable for you to travel to Bornholm with your dog. At the dog show in Rønne, you might meet many dog enthusiasts, who also spend the night with their dog on Bornholm. Who knows - maybe you and your dog will get a new friend?

See your options for staying in holiday homes or holiday apartment with a dog in the above boxes. You can book your holiday with a dog to Bornholm online, or by calling us on: + 45 56 95 85 66.

There are many green areas for your dog on Bornholm

There are many green areas for your dog on Bornholm

The wide sandy beach in Hasle is good for you, who has a real water dog with you

The wide sandy beach in Hasle is good for you, who has a real water dog with you

You are always close to beautiful forest trails for long walks with your dog

You are always close to beautiful forest trails for long walks with your dog

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