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kort Rønne

The capital of Bornholm
Spend your holiday at a hotel in Rønne, if you fancy being in the middle of it all; town, woods, beach, and all the experiences Bornholm has to offer. In Rønne, you will also be able to visit some of the island’s museums. The harbour in Rønne is the second largest cruise ship harbour in Denmark, during the summer season, there is a hum of life to be experienced, when large cruise ships bring visitors from all over the world to Bornholm. By the harbour, you can visit the beautiful Sct. Nicholas Church, which is an amazing example of Danish ecclesial architecture.

Town and culture
When you have enjoyed the sea view from your hotel room, you can take a walk to the town square in Rønne, with its fun shops, cafes and wonderful atmosphere. Take a seat at a cafe, and enjoy the market, or go and explore the town. In the old part of Rønne, you can find Rønne Theatre, of which sections were built as early as 1789, making it the oldest theatre building in Denmark. Throughout the year, it puts on many entertaining and interesting shows. If you are in the mood for a different kind of cultural experience, there are concerts and stand up shows almost every weekend in ”Musikhuzet” in Rønne. Get a good night’s sleep in your hotel room in Rønne, following a day of holiday experiences.

The old part of Rønne
A short distance from your hotel room, by the town square and the centre of Rønne, you will find the old part of Rønne, with its winding streets and charming timber framed houses. You will also find large merchants’ houses from the 1800s, bearing witness to a time when Rønne was home to many wealthy ship-owners. Enjoy the beautiful houses on a walk through the charming streets. Stop by Hjort’s Factory, which is a working museum, where you can experience the proud ceramics tradition of Bornholm.

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If you want to turn back the time, visit Erichsen’s Gaard, a museum, where you can experience a noble home of the 1850s. The garden at Erichsen’s Gaard, is an attraction in its own right. Enjoy the flowers, and the greenery, before returning to the sea view from your hotel room in Rønne.

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The interesting history of Bornholm
When you stay at a hotel in Rønne, you will have easy access to attractions, such as Bornholm Museum. Here you can experience 10,000 years of Bornholm history. Due to its location far from the rest of Denmark, Bornholm has had its very own development. Bornholm had a central location in relation to the seaways to the Baltic countries, making Bornholm a trade hub ”back in the day”. The trade was the cause of much life and great riches on Bornholm, but the riches also attracted the less desirable visitors, in the form of pirates. Today, everyone who visit Bornholm are very welcome.

Not like the rest of Denmark
Look forward to many interesting chapters of the Danish history that you may not have heard before. At Kastellet, which in the 1600s was part of Rønne’s defence, you will also find the Defence Museum. Here, you can experience what happened to Bornholm during World War II. While the rest of Denmark was celebrating the liberation from Germany in May of 1945, the German Commander on Bornholm refused to surrender the island to Russia, as he only had authority to surrender the island to the British troops. The English, however, had forgotten all about Bornholm. Instead of celebrating, Bornholm was bombed by Russian fighter planes, and consequently occupied by Russian troops until 1946. The defence museum also portrays the important part Bornholm played in the cold war. Exhilarating spy stories await, on your hotel holiday in Rønne.

Visit the museum’s website for more information.

A beach holiday in a town
Following a lovely night spent at your hotel in Rønne, you may want to visit one of the beautiful beaches. South of Rønne, you will find the beautiful Galløkken Beach, and north of Rønne, Antoinette Beach, from where you will have glorious views up the west coast. It is also possible to visit a beach in town; along the beach promenade in Rønne, next to Rønne Marina, you will find Nørrekås. Nørrekås is a lovely sandy beach with a wooden pier. Just across the road, you can visit Nørrekås Ishus, an ice cream parlour serving delicious homemade ice cream. An evening walk along the sea, and past the ice cream parlour, can easily become a habit, on your way back to your hotel room with sea view.

A great base
When you spend your holiday at a hotel in Rønne, you are close to the woods, the beach, and the centre of Rønne. If you are travelling without a car, Rønne is an excellent base for a holiday on Bornholm. Bornholm has the most beautiful bicycle routes, which of course, can be accessed from Rønne. On the harbour, you can visit Bornholm’s Bicycle Rental.

Visit their website for more information:

Public transportation is easily accessible from Rønne, as all busses to and from the rest of Bornholm have bus stops in the centre of town.

All buss routes and schedules can be found here:

You will be spoiled for choice, when spending your holiday at a hotel in Rønne.

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