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Are you looking for a holiday home on Bornholm? Team Bornholm has a wide selection of summer house rentals on Bornholm. Enjoy a holiday on Bornholm in a lovely summer house with space for between 2-14 people. You live close to the island's best beaches, towns and sights spread over the entire island. With a holiday home you have the perfect base for a lovely holiday. Bornholm is no bigger than you can drive from one end of the island to the other in about 40 minutes. Therefore, regardless of where you choose to live on Bornholm, you can easily and quickly get around the island. You do not need to take into account whether your holiday home is located on Dueodde, just because you want to experience Dueodde Beach. You get to Dueodde quickly, even if you choose to live somewhere else on the island. This makes your choice of holiday home easier. The holiday homes come in several different sizes, so you can choose one that suits you and your needs exactly. Don't want someone to sleep on the sofa bed in the living room? Choose one of the larger holiday homes with 3-4 bedrooms. Don't need that much space, but still want the comforts of a holiday home? Choose a smaller holiday home with only 1 bedroom - they also exist!

Summerhouse at Dueodde, Gudhjem or Svaneke

Do you dream of a holiday in a holiday home, where the deer swipe past the kitchen window in the morning and the birds chirp from the treetops? On Bornholm you can experience the pure summer house idyll and enjoy the private sphere that often comes with when you choose to live in a summer house. The joy of living in a holiday home is when you barbecue on the terrace in the evening and enjoy the private life a holiday home gives you, before you go barefoot to the beach for a swim. On this page you will find holiday homes that are peacefully located in the beautiful nature of Bornholm, within walking distance of beautiful sandy beaches and cliffs. Do you want to live close to one of Europe's best sandy beaches? Then you have to choose a summer house on Dueodde. In the towns of Svaneke and Gudhjem, you will find charming summer houses where you live close to the cozy city life, but still have your own private oasis of peace and quiet. If you are looking for a holiday home with a sea view, one of the holiday homes in Sandkås will certainly satisfy your eyes. They are only a stone's throw from the sea. Enjoy the view of the dramatic cliffs and the beautiful Baltic Sea from your living room window.

Book your summerhouse as a package holiday

There can be many things to keep track of when you book your holiday home on Bornholm. You have to choose a resort and you have to arrange the transport. You are probably also in a hurry to find out what to experience on your holiday on Bornholm. Do you want to see the Hammershus castle ruins? Go for a walk in the Paradisbakkerne and find the rock stone? On a boat trip along the coast at Gudhjem and see the cliffs Heligdomsklipperne? Yes, there are many considerations. You can make it easier for yourself by ordering a complete package. Then you get a holiday home, ferry or plane ticket and sickness cancellation insurance in one and the same package. Isn't it easy? You will be sent all the necessary papers at the same time in one email, and then you just have to print them out so that you have them with you on your trip to Bornholm. Book your holiday home and transport to Bornholm at the same time on this page. Just remember to choose in the booking box which place you want to travel from, and how.

Holiday home rental at the best price

When you book your holiday home from Team Bornholm, you are sure to get the best price. You book a holiday home directly from the owner, without expensive intermediaries. In addition, all holiday home prices always include electricity, water and heating consumption, cleaning on arrival/departure and free sickness cancellation insurance. Then you are sure that there will be no unpleasant surprises in the form of expensive additional bills, and you will not have to think about cleaning the holiday home when the holiday is over. That way, there will be more money to eat in the sun above Gudhjem at the smokehouse, drink local beer from Svaneke Bryghus, and maybe even buy a piece or two of Bornholm souvenirs with you home, in the form of cured sausage from Hallegaard, candies from Bolcheriet in Svaneke or cream buns from Kjærstrup Chocolate in Rønne. When you don't have to clean, you also save a lot of time, which you can use instead to experience Bornholm. See the German gun emplacements from World War 2 at Dueodde. They were never used and are therefore very well preserved. When you're on the edge anyway, you must also remember to visit Dueodde Beach. It has been named one of Europe's best. On the eastern part of Bornholm, lies the beautiful market town of Svaneke. Here you can explore all kinds of local shops. Taste an ice cream from Bornholms Ismejeri - it's mighty good!

Book holiday home stays all year round

In most periods, you decide entirely yourself which day of the week you want to arrive at the summerhouse, and you can also easily choose shorter periods of, for example, 3 or 4 days. If you book a holiday home in the high season, there may be requirements for certain arrival days and journey lengths. We do this to optimize bookings so that as many guests as possible get the opportunity to book a holiday home on Bornholm. In the high season, the holiday homes are booked quickly. It is therefore a good idea to be out in good time, so that you can get the summer house in the period you want. Fortunately, Bornholm is beautiful no matter what time of year you visit it, and there are always plenty of experiences. You can therefore advantageously book a holiday home outside the high season, save a lot of money, and have the Bornholm sights more or less to yourself. Go for a walk on Hammerknuden and follow the "stonecutter path". A recorded route where you follow in the footsteps of the old stonemasons. The route takes you past some impressive viewpoints over Sandvig, Hammershus and Lake Opalsøen. In Almindeingen you can experience Bornholm's largest rift valley - Ekkodalen. The nature here is very unique. Book your holiday in a cozy summer house on Bornholm by booking online or calling us on tel. +45 56 95 85 66

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