Bringing pets on holiday to Bornholm

Bring your pet on a lovely holiday to Bornholm

Bring your pet on a lovely holiday to Bornholm

Your pet will love the beautiful nature on Bornholm

Your pet will love the beautiful nature on Bornholm

A great holiday awaits... for your pet also

Of course, our sweet furry friends should follow you on a wonderful holiday on Bornholm. Team Bornholm has a large selection of resorts, where your pet is welcome. If you bring your dog or cat on holiday, you only have to pay a cleaning fee:
* 48 EUR if you bring 1-2 cats or dogs
* 96 EUR  if you bring 3-4 cats or dogs

Where should I stay with my pet?

Click here for an overview of the resorts, where you can bring your pet. Most resorts have holiday homes where it is allowed to bring a dog / cat, while some resorts have only a few or no holiday homes, where pets are allowed. Therefore, you may find that it is sold out for holiday homes, where pets are allowed, in the place where you want to stay, even though there are generally holiday homes available.

Rules for travelling with dog to Denmark

We kindly ask you to please familiarize yourself with the current rules for bringing a dog to Denmark for non-commercial errands. You can follow the guide on this page.

Transit through Sweden
If you need to transit through Sweden you will also have to follow the rules for travelling with a dog through sweden. 

  1. Your dog must be ID-marked with a microchip or clearly legible tattoo
  2. Your dog must have a "pet passport" which you will obtain from your veterinarian
  3. Your dog must be rabies vaccinated. The vaccination must be made no later than 3 weeks before departure
  4. The import of a dog through Sweden must be reported to the Swedish customs authorities on your arrival. You do this easily on this website. Remember to read the information on the webside before entering your e-mail address. In the field "Place of entry" you must state: "Öresundsbron / Malmö". Also remember to bring the notification number, you receive.

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You will get the best price
With us, you are booking directly at the holiday location - ensuring you the best price. Our price always includes cleaning, electricity, and free cancellation insurance. No hidden fees!

Book your stay with a Safety-Guarantee, which ensures that you can cancel your holiday for free.

Plane- and ferry tickets
We are happy to help you book your plane and ferry tickets free of charge.

Optional arrival dary
At almost all of our holiday locations, you have the option of arriving and departing any day of the week, and as such, you do not need to book for whole weeks.