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Storløkke Feriepark

Storløkke Feriepark

Bringing pets on holiday

At most of our holiday locations, dogs and cats are very welcome. An additional cleaning charge of DKK 250 will be added to your booking, if you are travelling with a dog or a cat. If you are bringing 3 or more pets, the charge will be DKK 500. If you wish to stay in a holiday house, we recommend Storløkke Feriepark, as it is possible to close off the courtyards / terraces here.

Dogs may not be left alone in the holiday homes, and we kindly ask that you do not allow your dog to lay in the beds, or on the furniture. When taking your dog for a walk, we ask that you keep it on a leash, and that you pick up its droppings.

It is easy to bring your dog or cat to Bornholm when you are travelling through Sweden. You only have to comply with the following rules:

  1. Your dog/cat must be ID-marked with a micro chip or a legible tattoo.
  2. Your dog/cat must have a ”pet passport”, which is available from your vet.
  3. Your dog/cat must be vaccinated against rabies. The vaccination must be administered more than 3 weeks prior to departure.
  4. You must report your arrival to the Swedish Customs Agency. You will need to make separate reports for outbound and homebound journey.

This is easily done on the following website: https://privattjanster-djuranmalan.tullverket.se/#/start - Remember to read the conditions on the website, before submitting your email address.  

Remember to bring the reference number you receive. In the box labelled point of entry, please write "Öresundsbron/Malmö" on your outbound journey. On your homebound journey, write ”Ystad”.

You are always very welcome to call us on +45 56 95 85 66, should you have any further questions.

At the holiday locations listed below, you are very welcome to bring your dog, as we have houses specifically reserved for dog owners.

Holiday apartments

Summerhouses and holiday home


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