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Northern Bornholm – Bornholm’s original holiday destination
Stay in a holiday apartment with sea view in Sandkås, a charming old fishing village on the northern coast of Bornholm, very close to the original tourist centre of Bornholm, Allinge-Sandvig. In the beginning of the 1900s, when the tourism on Bornholm first began, Allinge was the primary destination, on the Northern tip of Bornholm. However, Allinge is so much more than a tourist destination; it is a town with an active commercial life, many restaurants and cafes, and is home to many large events throughout the year. Look forward to experiencing Allinge, when staying in a holiday apartment in Sandkås on Northern Bornholm.

Enjoy the sea view from the coastal path
When you stay in a holiday apartment in Sandkås, you are staying in an area with great opportunities for hiking. Just a short distance from your holiday apartment in Sandkås, you will find “Storedalen”, a wonderful natural area, which was formed during the latest ice age. You can also enjoy a hike along the coast, on the old coastal path, where you can experience the glorious combination of white sand and towering rocks up close. The coastal path continues all the way into Allinge, where you will see charming timber framed houses in the old part of town, and enjoy the smell of smoked herring from the two smokehouses.

Adventures on Northern Bornholm
Close to your holiday apartment, north of Sandkås, you will find Hammerknuden, and the largest castle ruin in Northern Europe, Hammershus. At Hammerknuden, you can go for hikes while enjoying magnificent panoramic views of the Baltic Sea. At Hammerknuden, you will also find Hammersø “Hammer Lake” and Opalsø “Opal Lake”, both remnants of the granite mining at Hammerknuden. For the brave, Opalsø offers a chance to try the longest zip line in Denmark. If you need a rest, you are not far from your holiday apartment in Sandkås.

Hammershus is the most visited attraction on Bornholm, and if you decide to go, you will know why. The castle ruin is believed to date back to the 1200s, and it is an impressive experience, when it comes to both history and nature. In 2018, HRH the Crown Princess of Denmark, inaugurated the new Visitor’s Centre at Hammershus, which is an architectural attraction in itself. With a holiday apartment in Sandkås, you are spending your holiday close to many popular attractions.

Boat trips, rocks, and tall tales
Your days will be filled with adventures and experiences, when you stay in a holiday apartment in Sandkås. From the Hammer Harbour, an old fishing village at Hammerknuden, it is possible to get on a boat and experience the dramatic rocky coast from the waterside. From the boat, you will see Hammershus in a different and awe inspiring light, making it easy to understand, why the castle was an impenetrable fortress in the Middle Ages. The boatmen tell tales as tall as the coastal cliffs; all entertaining, but maybe not all equally true. Take the boat south, and you will experience rocks and caves that you will not find elsewhere in Denmark. Tourism may have arrived in Allinge 100 years ago, but there are still plenty of experiences to be had, when staying in a holiday apartment in Sandkås. 

Sandkås = Sea views
Stay in a holiday apartment with sea view in Sandkås, and you might be able to see all the way to the easternmost point in Denmark, Christiansø. After just 15 minutes drive from Allinge, you will arrive in Gudhjem, from where a small ferry company has daily departures to Christiansø. Christiansø, along with another small island Frederiksø, is the easternmost point in Denmark. The islands are owned by the Danish Defence, which links back to the 1800s, when Christiansø functioned as a naval station, in the battle against Sweden and England. Plant and animal life at Christiansø is really quite something; here you can experience rare frogs, eiders, and seals.

Northern Bornholm has got it going on
Just north of your holiday apartment in Sandkås, lies Allinge, the jazz capital of Bornholm. Visit Allinge during the annual jazz festival, and you will experience a very special atmosphere in the town. In Allinge, you can also look forward to experiencing flea markets, town festivals, and a hum of life around the harbour and the small cafes. Staying in a holiday apartment in Sandkås, you can also visit the charming Allinge Smokehouse, where you can sample the Bornholm speciality smoked herring, as well as the fantastic view of the sea from the harbour in Allinge. A holiday on Northern Bornholm is really quite something.

In Allinge, you will have easy access to grocery shopping, many charming eateries, two smokehouses, and the local music venue, Gæstgiveren, where some of the biggest music performers in Denmark play live concerts during the summer. When you stay in a holiday apartment in Sandkås, you will be spoiled for choice, when deciding how to spend your days, and evenings.

Sandkås, sun, and beach
Choose to stay in a holiday apartment in Sandkås, if you wish to experience beaches that are not like all others. The beaches on Northern Bornholm are known for the stunning combination of sand and towering rocks. In Allinge, you can visit the charming sandy beach Næs. A visit to Næs will be sure to generate that holiday feeling. Allinge is one half of the twin towns Allinge-Sandvig. These two small fishing villages were founded in the Middle Ages, and have since grown together into one town, in their own special way. In Sandvig, you will find a lovely sandy beach, several charming cafes and eateries, and a special ice cream parlour, built in an old ice house, practically on top of the rocks.

When you stay in a holiday apartment in Sandkås, you will of course have access to a local beach as well, one that is in walking distance from your holiday apartment. When on holiday in Sandkås, you will never run out of things to do. 

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