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kort Gudhjem
Beautiful Gudhjem

Beautiful Gudhjem

Sail on the M/S Thor and see Gudhjem from the waterside

Sail on the M/S Thor and see Gudhjem from the waterside

Enjoy a 'Sol over Gudhjem' at the local smokehouse

Enjoy a 'Sol over Gudhjem' at the local smokehouse

Pension Koch is located in the charming Gudhjem
Gudhjem is, despite its modest size, one of the most famous towns on Bornholm – and probably one of the most charming towns in Denmark. The many small well kept houses, built in levels up the steep cliff, provides Gudhjem with a special atmosphere. Already in the 1800s, artists flocked to the town to experience the magical Gudhjem light on the horizon. One of the most famous of these painters, Oluf Høst, has his own museum in the town. When you visit the charming museum, you can “see the light”, and have a very special art experience. Further down the coast, more exciting art experiences await at Bornholm’s Art Museum, located by the famous “Helligdomsklipper”.

Like a time machine
The harbour is the centre of Gudhjem. There is a hum of life around the little cafes. Take the handsome ship Ertholm, to the small island of Christiansø, located east of Bornholm. From the 1600s, Christiansø functioned as a naval base for Denmark in the Baltic Sea. In the 1800s, it was home to a small fleet of canon ships, performing acts pf piracy on English and Swedish ships in the Baltic Sea, by order of the Danish King. For this reason, the English fleet attacked Christiansø on several occasions, but the island never surrendered, and remains Danish to this day. You can still see the canons on Christiansø, and a visit to the island is like going in a time machine, taking you 200 years back in time.

Back on the harbour in Gudhjem, you can take a walk along the sea to the neighbouring fishing village of Melsted, where there is a lovely sandy beach, and the interesting working agricultural museum Melstedgård. Here, you can experience life as it was in the 1950s. You can also visit “Gaarden”, the food embassy of Bornholm.  

Walk along the coastal path
Along the coast, you will find the old coastal path, offering many beautiful viewpoints – for example Salene Bay. Take a seat on a warm rock. Look across the sea. Enjoy your holiday, while the ships slowly glide past in the horizon. Salene Bay is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on Bornholm. This was not the case 1,000 years ago; legend has it that the Danish Viking King, Harald Bluetooth, fought a large battle against his son, Sweyn Forkbeard, right there in the bay. Harald Bluetooth was hit in his backside by a poisoned arrow, and had to flee with his fleet to the German coast of the Baltic.

Eat “Sol over Gudhjem” (Sun above Gudhjem)
When you return to the present, you might be in the mood for a trip to Gudhjem Smokehouse on the harbour, where you can look forward to many delicious fish dishes, for example one of the island’s specialties “Sol over Gudhjem”. Smoked herring, chives, radish, and raw egg yolk on rye bread.
Bon appetit ! - and welcome to Gudhjem.

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