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Hammershus and medieval adventures

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Sandkås, "the real Bornholm"

Hotel Abildgaard is located on the coastal route between Gudhjem and Allinge, in the small village of Sandkaas. "Kaas" is an old Danish word for a small harbour, and with a lovely sandy beach, Sandkaas received its name many hundred years ago. To many, Sankaas is ”the real Bornholm”. Here you will find the picturesque combination of soft white sand and tall rocks.

Take the coastal pathway to Tejn... 
In front of Hotel Abildgaard you will find the coastal pathway, where you can walk between the rocks and the sea, and experience some of the most beautiful nature on Bornholm. If you take a right, when exiting the hotel, you will reach the fishing village of Tejn within a few hundred meters. Tejn offers a wonderful maritime atmosphere, and is home to the largest trolling competition in the world: Trolling Master Bornholm, where hundreds of boats compete to catch the biggest salmon. In Tejn, you will also find a local supermarket.

...the coastal pathway to Allinge is even more beautiful
If you take a left, when exiting the hotel, you will be heading towards the largest town on northern Bornholm, Allinge. Before you reach Allinge, you will pass Sandkaas Beach. Because of the trees in front of Sandkaas Beach, it is hard to spot for the passers-by on the coastal route. For this reason, the beach is almost exclusively visited by the local islanders. When you have experienced this wonderful sandy beach, you will soon understand why it is considered to be one of the secret gems of Bornholm. Do you want to jump in the water, or will you continue along the coastal pathway to Allinge? Soon, the tall rocks on the coastal path will be replaced by the charming timber framed houses of the old part of Allinge. The smell of freshly smoked herring will welcome you, as two of the best smokehouses on the island are located on the harbour in Allinge. On the harbour, you can expect the buzzing atmosphere of shops and cafes. Allinge is home to the annual People’s Democratic Festival, where thousands of people gather every year in June.

Hammershus and Medieval tales
The coastal pathway continues to Allinge’s twin town; Sandvig. Just outside Sandvig, you will find the largest castle ruin in northern Europe, Hammershus. In the middle ages, the reign over Bornholm alternated between German, Danish, and Swedish, but regardless of the country in power, Hammershus remained the centre of this power. Hammershus is full of interesting medieval adventures – did you know that public user payment was also employed in the middle ages? You had to pay for your own executioner – and he always demanded advance payment!

At Hammershus, you also have the opportunity to experience the surrounding landscape by horse, or to get on a tour boat on a trip along the coast, from the nearby Hammerhavn. When you are sailing beneath the tall cliff side, it is easy to imagine why Hammershus was an impenetrable fortress.

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