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kort Sandvig
Hotel Hammersø is located by Hammersøen in Sandvig

Hotel Hammersø is located by Hammersøen in Sandvig

Emperor Wilhelm changed his holiday plans

Emperor Wilhelm changed his holiday plans

Hotel Hammersø in Sandvig - History

Since 1906, a hotel has been run on the site where Hotel Hammersø is located today. Allinge-Sandvig was thus the first destination when Bornholm was discovered as a holiday resort at the beginning of the 20th century. The picturesque combination of towering rocks and chalk-white sand in small sand lagoons acted as a magnet for the Danish and German citizens - for example the German Emperor Wilhelm, who in June 1914 was on his way to Bornholm. As is well known, however, riots broke out between the European countries in June 1914, and Kaiser Wilhelm chose to cut short his holiday to begin preparations for World War I instead. It was a decision that stands in stark contrast to spending a holiday in the idyllic, peaceful and beautiful nature at Allinge-Sandvig. The world would have been very different today if Emperor William had prioritized his vacation instead of increasing the tensions that triggered World War I.

Emperor Wilhelm

The history books do not say anything about whether Emperor Wilhelm should have stayed at Hotel Hammersø, but it is certain that World War II also had a great impact on Hotel Hammersø. In 1942 the young musician Magnus Kjær took over the hotel. Magnus Kjær had worked hard to raise the money for the purchase. During the day, Magnus worked as a hairdresser, while in the evening he played music and entertained at the hotels in the Sandvig area. However, after taking over the hotel, Magnus Kjær and his wife Karen concentrated exclusively on hotel management, and despite the difficult conditions during World War II, things went well.

German troops

During 1944, however, German troops seized Hotel Hammersø and the hotel was used as a field hospital for wounded German soldiers from the Eastern Front. It was a hard time for the otherwise beautiful hotel buildings, which were badly run down. In May 1945, Denmark was liberated. However, the liberation did not include Bornholm, which was instead occupied by Russian troops.

The Russians are coming

The Russian troops immediately seized the best-located hotels on Bornholm - including Hotel Hammersø. In the period up to 1946, when the Russian troops gave Bornholm back to Denmark, Hotel Hammersø was therefore the command center for Russian officers. In the area around Hotel Hammersø and Sandvig you can still find traces of Russian trenches. To begin with, the Russians thus had no intention of leaving Bornholm and prepared that they would retain Bornholm by force if the Russians' otherwise allies, the English and the Americans, were to demand Bornholm back to Denmark.


When Magnus Kjær got his hotel back at the end of 1946, the hotel was in a sorry state. But with Marshall aid from the USA and a huge effort from Karen and Magnus Kjær, the hotel was restored to great condition. The renovation has continued continuously since then, and today it is Nina Kjær, daughter of Karen and Magnus Kjær, who runs Hotel Hammersø together with her husband Birger.

At the reception you can also meet the third generation, Ninette Kjær, who is ready to welcome you to wonderful holidays in one of Bornholm's most beautiful natural areas. 

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