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kort Hasle
Watch the deer by Hasle Hytteby

Watch the deer by Hasle Hytteby

The beach by Hasle Hytteby

The beach by Hasle Hytteby

Sample the fish from Hasle Smokehouse

Sample the fish from Hasle Smokehouse

Evenings on the beach by Hasle Hytteby

Evenings on the beach by Hasle Hytteby

Watch the deer in the morning
Hasle’s history dates back to the 1100s, but it was not until the 1500s that the town really became known. The town slowly developed into an industrious fishing and agricultural town, with an important side business of producing schnapps. Later, discoveries of a large amount of clay in the ground beneath the town provided the base for the town’s further development. During the 1900s, international competition became too great, and the excavation work halted. The large excavation sites left behind enormous holes, and today they have become beautiful lakes with a rich animal life. There are also many animals around Hasle Hytteby. Get up early one morning, and you will experience the deer taking a morning stroll on the wooded paths in front of your holiday home.

Search for prehistoric crocodiles south of Hasle
Millions of years ago, the world was a very different place. Back then, Bornholm was located close to the equator, and the climate was sub-tropical. The lands were ruled by dinosaurs and large crocodiles. The formation of the sandy dunes in Hasle make is possible to search for traces of the prehistoric rulers. For example, fossilised dinosaur footprints have been found by Hasle beach, as well as bones from prehistoric crocodiles. Go for a walk along the beach, and tell the children stories of the discoveries. Maybe you will find fossils in the sand – from dinosaurs or sea urchins – it’s fun either way.

Submarine testing
During World War II, Hasle was an important location in the German submarine strategy. Almost all the German submarines performed sound tests in the sea by Hasle, in an attempt to make the submarines as soundproof as possible. A submarine cable, several kilometres long, was connected to a well manned listening station close to the beach by Hasle Hytteby, so that the sound levels of the submarines could be thoroughly tested and adjusted. Along the beach, you can still see traces of the old listening station.

Beautiful sandy beach
The German submarine personnel probably did not have time to enjoy the fact that Hasle has one of the best sandy beaches on Bornholm, which, oddly enough, is one of the beaches with the least tourist visitors. The beach is well used by the locals, but it is not until recent years that tourists have discovered all that Hasle has to offer, as a holiday location. Besides being a charming town with a great atmosphere and a beautiful sandy beach, the town offers many interesting art exhibitions, a great harbour environment, and an old school smokehouse. The smokehouse also functions as a working museum, where you can experience how the smokehouses have developed through the ages. Visit the smokehouse for a fun experience, and some delicious smoked herring.

Jon’s Chapel
Just north of Hasle, you will find the idyllic fishing villages of Helligpeder and Teglkaas, as well as the impressive rock formation ”Jon’s Chapel”. According to history, Jon washed ashore by the rock formation, following a shipwreck. Caused by his immense gratitude for having survived, he became a missionary. From the towering cliffs – one of which is shaped as a pulpit – Jon proclaimed the Christian message to the heathen population. To the locals, the rock formation thus became known as Jon’s Chapel.

Amazing sunsets
Hasle Beach is west facing, and it is a great place to go for a swim in the Baltic Sea. Do visit the beach in the evening, dip your toes in the warm sand, and enjoy the gorgeous sunsets.

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