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kort Gudhjem

Bicycle holiday

Østerlars Round Church in bicycle distance from Gudhjem

Østerlars Round Church in bicycle distance from Gudhjem

See the nature from your bicycle
Bornholm has a very well designed web of bicycle lanes. 100 meters from Gudhjem Feriepark, you will encounter the first one. The lanes will take you along smaller roads, where cars are the exception, and beautiful nature the rule.

Fields of grain
Try going inland on a summer’s day, and experience the yellow fields of grain. The journey might be uphill, but you will reap the rewards on your way home, when you can freewheel downhill, and enjoy the views of the sea and the town of Gudhjem.

Østerlars Round Church and the Medieval Centre
On your journey inland, you can pay a visit to the largest round church on Bornholm – Østerlars Round Church (5.5 kilometres from Gudhjem Feriepark), which was built in the 1100s. Not far from the round church, you can visit Bornholm’s Medieval Centre – a living town, where you can smell, feel, and experience what life was like in the Middle Ages.

The bicycle lanes at Gudhjem Feriepark can also take you up or down the coast. Make a stop at one of the nature stops, feel the calm and quiet. Enjoy the beautiful view. If you are not bringing your own bicycles, you can hire a bicycle at Gudhjem Feriepark.


Play golf with a view of the Baltic Sea

Play golf with a view of the Baltic Sea

4 beautiful golf courses
Not just the nature on Bornholm is beautiful and different. The sunshine island also boasts four golf courses, with experiences out of the ordinary. The courses are beautifully situated between hills, rocks, woods, streams, and lakes, with challenges for all handicaps. Rø Golf Course has received praise from several different international golf magazines. Rø Golf Course is located just 9 kilometres from Gudhjem Feriepark.

Running or cycling

Bicycle ride with a view

Bicycle ride with a view

An Eldorado for running and cycling
Bornholm is an Eldorado for those who have caught the running or cycling bug. The cycling terrain in Gudhjem has many fun hills, and is home to many of the island’s bicycle races.

In a very small area, you will find running routes in everything from hilly forest terrain, to long flat stretches of sand. Throughout the year, many amateur runs are arranged, with Etape Bornholm being the most famous. Etape Bornholm is a marathon split across 5 runs, with routes on all conceivable terrain – hilly, rocky, and sandy. The run attracts runners from all over the world, and the number of participants is ever increasing.

Around Gudhjem, you will find many interesting running routes:

The quick town run - 3 kilometres
From Gudhjem Feriepark, run towards Gudhjem. Down along ”Brøddegade” (one of the steepest streets in Denmark) to the harbour. Turn left at ”Løkkegade”, and follow it to Brøddegade, and run upwards to ”Lillevang”, where you turn left. Follow the road towards ”Melsted”, and turn right by Gudhjem Feriepark. A quick run, where you only run on tarmac.

Salene route - 6 kilometres
A varied route with stunning views of your natural surroundings. From Gudhjem Feriepark, run towards “Helligdomsklipperne” and Bornholm’s Art Museum. After approximately 3 kilometres, follow the road right, down towards the sea. Follow the coastal path back to Gudhjem Feriepark. A beautiful run in hilly terrain.

The ultimate - approximately 12 kilometres
You will run to Bornholm’s Art Museum and ”Helligdomsklipperne” along the main road. The sea will be on your left, and together with the beautiful rocky coast, it will be the perfect backdrop for a long run. By Bornholm’s Art Museum, turn left towards the coastal path, and back to Gudhjem. This stretch is thought to be one of the most beautiful in Denmark. The terrain is hilly, but the gorgeous scenery makes it all worth it.

A trip on the water

On board M/S Thor

On board M/S Thor

From the harbour in Gudhjem, you can go on M/S Thor along the coast to Helligdomsklipperne. The nature on the island is no less impressive, when viewed from the water – a beautiful and interesting trip.

When you reach Helligdomsklipperne, you will have the option to disembark, and pay a visit to Bornholm’s Art Museum. Here, you can experience an impressive collection of local art and craft art.

The museum
Having visited the art museum, you can get back on M/S Thor, and enjoy your passage to Gudhjem – or you can choose to walk back along the beautiful coastal path. The distance is approximately 6 kilometres. It is hard to say, whether journey is more beautiful by land or water – either way, you will be making great holiday memories.


Bornholm's Art Museum

Bornholm's Art Museum

Interesting museums
Just 300 meters from Gudhjem Feriepark, you will find Gudhjem Museum. The museum offers an interesting collection of effects from the area around Gudhjem.

A little further up the road, you will find Melstedgaard, which is a working agricultural museum, where you can turn back the time to 1950. The museum charmingly displays, what life was like in the country in the 1950s. Melstedgaard is a great experience, for children and adults alike.

Melstedgaard’s neighbour is Gourmet Bornholm’s ”Gaarden”, which is a kind of food embassy for local produce and products. Here you can experience all the deliciousness of the island’s pantry.

Bornholm’s Art Museum
With its stunning location by Helligdomsklipperne, an impressive collection of local art, and its modern architecture, Bornholm’s Art Museum has become quite the attraction.

The Oluf Høst Museum
Back in Gudhjem, it may be time for a relaxing visit to one of the cafes by the harbour, before you visit the Oluf Høst Museum. Since the 1800s, Gudhjem has attracted many artists, of which one of the most famous was Oluf Høst. Today, a museum exists in Oluf Høst’s home in Gudhjem, boasting an impressive collection of his finest work. Do visit the house’s beautiful garden.


Melsted beach

Melsted beach

Melsted Beach
You can swim in the ocean, if you dive in from the rocks, just by Gudhjem Feriepark. Walk 900 meters up the coast, and you will encounter the charming and sandy Melsted Beach.

The house beneath the ground
Take a walk through Melsted, and take in the village and its many charming timber framed houses. Notice ”the house beneath the ground”. The terrain in and around Melsted slants to such an extent that one of houses has a doorway, which is practically beneath the ground. Visit the working agricultural museum ”Melstedgaard”.




Beautiful scenery
Gudhjem Feriepark is situated right in the middle of some of the most beautiful scenery on eastern Bornholm, and as such, it is an excellent holiday base, for the guests who love hiking in nature. Of many great hikes, we recommend:

The fishing village Melsted
500 meters south of Gudhjem Feriepark, you will find the little fishing village Melsted, and its many idyllic timber framed houses. Walk back along the coastal path, and enjoy the beautiful view of the scenery and the Baltic Sea.

Gudhjem town
With its narrow, winding, and steep streets, a walk through the town is a special experience. Admire the many beautiful houses, and maybe take a rest at a cafe by the harbour, and take in the atmosphere.

The coastal path
The old coastal path runs both north and south of Gudhjem. The path can be hilly in some places so remember to wear appropriate shoes. It will not take you long to understand, why, for centuries, so many artists have flocked to Gudhjem. The views are simply stunning. 

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