In the area - Dueodde Beach Apartments

  • Apartments for 2-4 people
  • Holiday home 6 people
  • Close to the beach
  • Quietly located
  • Child friendly
kort Dueodde
Enjoy the view from Dueodde Lighthouse

Enjoy the view from Dueodde Lighthouse

Have fun on the beach

Have fun on the beach

Visit the historical emplacements from World War II

Visit the historical emplacements from World War II

Dueodde and Emperor Napoleon
Dueodde is the southernmost point on Bornholm. Several kilometres of sandy beach awaits. The water is clear and the sand so fine that it was used in hourglasses long into the 1800s. It has been said that even the Emperor Napoleon had an hourglass with sand from Dueodde.

Enjoy the view
Dueodde is a miniature town with restaurants, little shops, and, of course, the well known, ice cream parlour. If you like exercise, Dueodde Lighthouse is ready for you to climb it. 198 steps take you to the top, from where you will have a fantastic view of the sea and all of Southern Bornholm.

Plenty of opportunities for exercise
Dueodde is known its golf course, but also for the sandy stage of the famous 5-day marathon, Etape Bornholm. The sand-route on Duoedde is one of the toughest legs of the run. If you like to run, Etape Bornholm is an incredible experience, but it is also a great experience to watch from the side lines, when the almost 2,000 runners fight their way across the sandy dunes.

Canons and Bunkers
Take a walk along the paths in the woods. Dueodde Beach Apartments is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest. Tucked away in the woods, you will find two German emplacements from World War II. Back then, there was no forest. With similar emplacements in East Prussia, on the other side of the Baltic Sea, the Germans had plans to control the access to the Russian part of the Baltic Sea. The powerful canons were never used, but the bunkers will bear witness to a scary time, for many years to come.

Go for a bicycle ride
The wide reaching web of bicycle lanes on Bornholm can be accessed just 200 meters from Dueodde Beach Apartments.  Hire a bicycle at the hotel, and experience the wavy cornfields on the way to the charming fishing village Snogebæk, approximately 6 kilometres from Dueodde.

In Snogebæk you will find an ice cream parlour, chocolatier, as well as cafes, smokehouse, art crafts, and other interesting shops.

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