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kort Snogebæk-Balka
The pier on Snogebæk Habour

The pier on Snogebæk Habour

Snogebæk's old smokehouse

Snogebæk's old smokehouse

Live music every night at "Sørens" on Snogebæk Habour

Live music every night at "Sørens" on Snogebæk Habour

Balka-Snogebæk – The history
The small fishing village Snogebæk is mentioned for the first time in the 1500s. Back then, it only consisted of a few little houses. The residents were primarily farmers, but the sandy ground meant low returns on the crop. Thus, the farmers supplemented with fishing, and they were good at fishing. For this reason, fishing quickly became their main trade.

From two fishing villages to one
The lovely beaches were not of much interest to the locals, as it was unworkable as farmland. During the 1930s, the focus on leisure activities increased, and summerhouses were built in and around Snogebæk, as well as the neighbouring fishing village, Balka. With this, the two fishing villages grew, and practically became one. Locals and tourists alike quickly developed a taste for the beautiful beaches, and the charming atmosphere in Balka-Snogebæk. The interest only grew as the years went on; making the area one of the most sought after beach holiday locations on Bornholm.

Balka Holiday Apartments are located just 400 meters from the lovely Balka Beach. Look forward to a wonderful holiday in handsome holiday apartments – close to the beach.

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