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  • Lovely location in Allinge
  • Swimmingpool
kort Allinge
Try the zipline across Opalsøen

Try the zipline across Opalsøen

Eat smoked herring at Nordbornholm Smokehouse

Eat smoked herring at Nordbornholm Smokehouse

Enjoy the sun at the beach, Næs

Enjoy the sun at the beach, Næs

Experience Hammershus in the evening light

Experience Hammershus in the evening light

Allinge-Sandvig on Northern Bornholm

Æblehaven is located in Allinge-Sandvig on Northern Bornholm. Allinge-Sandvig was the original destination, when tourism first began on Bornholm in the beginning of the 1900s. The unique and beautiful combination of sandy beaches and tall rocks was probably the reason why the Danish, as well as the Germans, flocked to Allinge-Sandvig one hundred years ago.  

The largest castle ruin in Northern Europe is in Allinge-Sandvig
Just outside Allinge-Sandvig, you will find Hammerknuden and the largest castle ruin in Northern Europe, Hammershus. Visit the interesting fortress, and listen to the entertaining stories. Did you know that, back in medieval times, you would have to pay the fee for the exequtioner yourself, if you were to have your head cut off? – And he always demanded to be paid upfront!

The most beautiful hike in Denmark
Hammershus is located on the rock formation Hammerknuden. The hike around Hammerknuden has been named as the most beautiful hike in Denmark. Look forward to magnificent panoramic views in the beautiful terrain. How about trying Denmark’s longest zipline across Opalsøen? You will throw yourself off the tall cliffs, and speed down towards the water of the lake, where you will finally brake and slowly glide down on the ground. A fantastic experience, which you will remember for years to come.

Many of the island’s attractions are on Northern Bornholm
Around Allinge-Sandvig, you will find many of the island’s attractions, which will help make your holiday unforgettable. Allinge, and Northern Bornholm, is home to the famous character ”Krølle Bølle”, a baby troll. If you are travelling with children, they will love the stories of Krølle Bølle and his adventures.

UFO's or Krølle Bølle?
We cannot say whether it is just Krølle Bølle causing trouble, but in the book ”Det mystiske Danmark” (Mysterious Denmark), there are many tales of mysterious glowing objects, moving across the sky at high speeds around Northern Bornholm. For example, a German tourist spotted a saucer-shaped object flying out of Hammerknuden, through a large opening, which turned out to be part of the rocks. Shortly hereafter, several sailors reportedly saw the same object, flying out of the sea by Hammerknuden, and continue vertically up into the sky, until they lost sight of it. In 2017, several people, independently of each other, saw a mysterious pink object, flying across the water by Allinge.

Experience Hammershus from the waterside
From Hammerhavnen, just north of Allinge, you can take a boat ride out along the coast. Seen from the waterside, the rocky coastline appears even more dramatic. As you pass below the old castle Hammershus, you will be able to imagine why it was an impenetrable fortress in medieval times. The views are accompanied by the tales from your boatman – which in no way lessens the overall experience.

Music at Gæstgivergården
In Allinge, you will find the music venue Gæstgivergården. During the summer, an impressive line-up of the most popular recording artists in Denmark play intimate gigs here. In 2019, the programme boasts names such as Laid Back, Hjalmar, Mads Langer, Poul Krebs, Minds of 99, Alphabeat, Peter Sommer, Pernille Rosendahl and Folkeklubben.

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