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kort Allinge

Bicycle holiday

Østerlars Round Church is in bicycle distance from Æblehaven

Østerlars Round Church is in bicycle distance from Æblehaven

See the nature from your bicycle
Bornholm has a very well designed web of bicycle lanes. 100 meters from Æblehaven, you will encounter the first one. The lanes will take you along smaller roads, where cars are the exception, and beautiful nature the rule.

Fields of grain
Try going inland on a summer’s day, and experience the yellow fields of grain. The journey might be uphill, but you will reap the rewards on your way home, when you can freewheel downhill, and enjoy the views of the sea and the town of Allinge.

You can also follow the bicycle lanes up the coast. Make a stop at one of the nature stops, feel the calm and quiet. Enjoy the beautiful view. If you are not bringing your own bicycle, you can hire a bicycle at Æblehaven.


Play golf with a view of the Baltic Sea

Play golf with a view of the Baltic Sea

4 beautiful golf courses
Not just the nature on Bornholm is beautiful and different. The sunshine island also boasts four  golf courses, with experiences unlike others. The courses are beautifully situated between hills, rocks, woods, streams, and lakes, with challenges for all handicaps. Rø Golf Course has received praise from several different international golf magazines. Rø Golf Course is located just 10 kilometres from Æblehaven.

Barbecue night

Barbecue night

Barbecue night

Barbecue night
In July, you can join the very popular barbecue night together with Storløkke Feriepark, located just 200 meters from Æblehaven. You can bring your own meat and sides – we will have the barbeque ready from 18:00.  The weekly barbecue night is hosted on the terrace. With the afternoon sun shining on the terrace, it is bound to be a great evening. Children are very welcome to join, but you might not see much of them, as the terrace is just 50 meters from the large playground. You can enjoy your evening, while the children play.


There are many great fishing spots on Bornholm

There are many great fishing spots on Bornholm

Go fish
With its varied coastline, Bornholm is an Eldorado for anglers all year round. From the coast, there are excellent opportunities for catching sea trout. If you want to try fishing from a boat, you will have excellent chances of catching both salmon and cod.

You can also visit one of the many put-and-take lakes around Bornholm. In the reception at Æblehaven, we can provide you with tips and advice about the local venues.

The chances of getting a bite in the sea and lakes on Bornholm are quite high, so remember to set the table, ready for the catch of the day.


The coastal path

The coastal path

Æblehaven is located in the middle of the beautiful nature on Northern Bornholm, and it is a great place for hikes in the nature. We recommend the following routes:

Coastal path
400 meters from Æblehaven, you can get on the old coastal path. If you follow the path south, you will experience he beautiful combination of white sand and tall rocks. On a warm summer day, it is a glorious experience, but on a windy spring or fall evening, it may be even more extraordinary. The waves foam wildly around the rocks, the wind howls. These coasts have witnessed many dramatic shipwrecks. Storms caused most of the shipwrecks, but sometimes, the locals played a hand in them as well. In the old days, a wreckage from a ship could be a substantial form of income, and sometimes, it could be hard not to send out false signals to the ships, causing them to be grounded.

Just 3.5 kilometres from Æblehaven, you will find Hammerknuden. Here, you can experience magnificent views, beautiful natural surroundings, and Hammershus, the largest castle ruin in Northern Europe. With its location high up on Hammerknuden, with the steep cliffs down to the sea, it does not take much to imagine the power held by the residents of Hammershus in the Middle Ages. For centuries, Hammershus was the centre of power on Bornholm. The executioner also lived at Hammershus, if you were to have your head cut off, you would have to pay the fee for the executioner yourself! – And he always demanded to be paid upfront!

New theories indicate that Hammershus was originally built as a base for the crusades in the Baltic region. The Knights Templar were among the warriors in these crusades. This theory has brought substance to the theories that Bornholm is the hiding place of immense Templar treasure. Come and experience thrilling medieval adventures!

In the beginning of the 1900s, quarrying was an important industry on Bornholm, and large amounts of beautiful Bornholm granite was exported. - The elephants at the old Carlsberg building in Copenhagen have been crafted from Bornholm granite. The quarrying has almost ceased now, but in the landscape around Hammerknuden, you can easily see the results. Almost all of the old quarries have been transformed into beautiful lakes, with a rich, and impressive, animal and plant life. Hammersøen (Hammer Lake) is one of these lakes.

The little troll, Krølle Bølle, is a character in many of the old local tales. He is thought to reside in Langebjerget at Hammerknuden. The stories of Krølle Bølle will grab the attention of any child. Charming and entertaining tales that can be told, and listened to, again, and again.

The old part of Allinge
If you walk to the beach in front of Æblehaven, and go north (left), you will arrive in the old part of Allinge, with its charming timber framed houses, and beautiful hollyhocks. As you walk through the old streets, enjoying the quiet and the houses, you will slowly be welcomed by the smell of smoked herring. On the harbour in Allinge, you will find two of the best smokehouses on Bornholm, providing you with ample opportunity to sample the local delicacy, smoked herring.

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