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kort Årsdale

Årsdale – Charm and history

Årsdale is referred to for the first time in the 1300s. Even though the phrase ”climate change” had probably not been invented back then, it was the reason why Årsdale developed as a town. Back in the 1300s, a climate change resulted in an incredible amount of herring in the Baltic Sea. Fishing for herring became an enormous industry, and buyers from countries all around the Baltic Sea travelled to Bornholm, and Årsdale, to buy herring.

Haunted by Prussian gangs
Unfortunately, the rich commercial life also attracted attention from some unwanted visitors. Towards the end of the 1300s, Årsdale was haunted by Prussian gangs, who threatened arson and war if ransom was not paid. As time went on, the gangs were defeated, and in the following years, it was the local islanders, and their fellow Danes, who paid ”visits” to the Prussian coast of the Baltic Sea.

Visit Årsdale Smokehouse and Høkeren
Today, the fishing from Årsdale is not as heavy, but you are still able to sample some of the best smoked herring on Bornholm, at the local smokehouse ”Årsdale Smokehouse”. You should try the famous fish patties, the best on Bornholm. Following a great lunch, you might fancy a short walk along the charming harbour. Maybe it is time for an ice cream at ”Høkeren”, the local grocery store. Usually, large supermarkets put the smaller shops out of business, but here in Årsdale, the locals have gone about things rather differently, as they have started their own little grocery store. Get comfortable on the terrace in front of Høkeren, and have a chat with the locals – and do not believe everything they tell you.

Beautiful Årsdale Mill
Do pay a visit to Årsdale Mølle, which is one of the most beautiful and well preserved Dutch mills in Denmark. The mill was built in 1877, and today, it is run by the 4th generation of millers. It is a great experience to stand beneath the wings of the mill as they turn.

Go for a swim in the sea
Maybe you have some flour dust that you need to rinse off, following a visit to the mill – go for a swim! In Årsdale, you do not have to worry about getting sandy feet, as the beach is covered by the lovely, red Årsdale ”grit”. Large rocks along the beach provides a wonderful atmosphere. Bring a cup of coffee, sit on a rock. Take in the view. Enjoy the silence.

Nip to Svaneke
During the evening, we recommend that you visit Svaneke, where there are many excellent restaurants and great shopping opportunities. By car, it is only a 2-minute journey to Svaneke – but you can also make the lovely journey by bicycle. Remember, you can borrow a bicycle, free of charge, when you stay at Årsdale Søpark.

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