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The holiday homes in Gudhjem Feriepark

Swimming pool with sea view in Gudhjem Feriepark

The beach in Gudhjem-Melsted

Gudhjem Feriepark. Charming holiday homes for 4-6 people
Gudhjem Feriepark is a collection of charming holiday homes with a very desirable location – close to the centre of Gudhjem, the rocks, the beach, and the sea. Read more about the layout of the holiday homes on this page.

Pool, play area and bouncy cushion
The children will be pleased if you choose to stay in Gudhjem Feriepark. Enjoy the beautiful view of the Baltic Sea, while the children are having fun on the playground or the bouncy cushion. The swimming pool at Gudhjem Feriepark is open between 1 June and 31 August.

Gudhjem is the town of dreams
With its location on a steep cliff, Gudhjem is one of the most interesting towns in Denmark. Not just the town’s location makes one think of southern climes; the atmosphere on the harbour is practically exotic, and fig trees and mulberry trees grow in the gardens. In the evenings, you can experience the very special light above Gudhjem, when the sun sets behind the rocks. For centuries, the magical light in Gudhjem has attracted artist from all over the world, who have attempted to capture the significant light and colours of the sea and sky. An old saying is that Gudhjem is the stuff of dreams, when you have spent your holiday here, you will understand why. Click here, to read more about Gudhjem.

If you stay before 25 June, or after 14 August, and there are “only” 2 of you, you are eligible for a special discount. Read more about the 2-person-discount here.

Holiday home for 4-6 people

Holiday homes in Gudhjem Feriepark are built in rows

Example of holiday home with new/large kitchen

Living room in Gudhjem Feriepark

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Holiday home for 4-6 people
The holiday homes in Gudhjem Feriepark have the following layout: Hallway, bathroom with WC and shower, kitchen, combined living and dining room with sofa furniture and TV (pull-out sofa-bed sleeps 2). Staircase from the living room to the first floor, two bedrooms, both with two single beds. In some of the holiday homes, the pull-out sofa-bed in the living room has been replaced by a regular sofa. If you prefer a house with a sofa-bed, we ask that you inform us of this, when making your reservation.

The holiday homes come in 3 different varieties:
* Holiday homes with small kitchen and sea view
* Holiday homes with large kitchen without sea view
* Holiday homes with large kitchen and sea view

All holiday homes in Gudhjem Feriepark have an individual décor. The photos on this page are exemplary. Please note that the holiday homes with large kitchens usually also have newer and more modern décor, than the holiday homes with smaller kitchens.

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Example of holiday home with small kitchen

The holiday homes have bedrooms on the first floor

Example of living room in Gudhjem Feriepark

New playground in Gudhjem Feriepark

4-6 people with large kitchen - Floor plan

4-6 people with small kitchen - Floor plan

From the harbour in Gudhjem, there are daily departures to Ertholmene – the small rocky islands of ”Christiansø” and ”Frederiksø”, which, in the 1600s, were converted to an advanced naval station for Denmark – the cannons are still there today. The ferry journey lasts less than an hour, but you will feel as though you have travelled back several centuries, to a time when the English bombarded the islands several times, and attempted to invade. Christiansø stood fast, and is still under Danish rule today.

Another time machine near Gudhjem is ”Melstedgaard”, which is located close to Gudhjem Feriepark. Here, time has been turned back to 1950, making it possible for you to experience what life was like on a farm in Denmark in those days - an interesting experience for all ages. In connection to the working agricultural museum, you will find Gourmet Bornholm’s ”Gaarden”, which acts as a kind of food embassy for local produce and products. Look forward to delicious food, and take part in the many fun activities on offer at Gaarden.

A great holiday tip: The beautiful coastal path
Go for a hike along the old coastal path, which can be accessed right by Gudhjem Feriepark. The path continues down along the harbour, and northward to Salene Bay. According to the history books, Harald Bluetooth moored in Salene Bay in the year of 986, on his journey to his fortress ”Jomsborg”, on the east coast of Germany. However, his son Sweyn Forkbeard, with whom he had an ongoing conflict, surprised Harald Bluetooth in the bay. Harald Bluetooth’s fleet escaped, but Harald was hit in his backside by a poisoned arrow, an arrow that turned out to be deadly. As such, the area around Gudhjem played a part in a change of the Danish line of succession. You are not likely to spot any Viking ships on the beautiful hike, but you can expect beautiful panoramic views.

Gudhjem seen from the rock Bokul

The twisting road in Gudhjem

Melstedgård, where time was stopped in 1950

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