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Despite its small size, Gudhjem is one of Bornholm's most well-known villages and probably the most charming as well.

The many small well-kept houses built in levels down the steep rocky slope give Gudhjem a unique atmosphere.

As early as the 1800s, artists flocked to the village to experience the special "Light of Gudhjem" across the horizon. Oluf Høst, one of the most famous of these painters, has his own museum in the village, offering fine opportunities to see the "light" and have an extraordinary art experience.

The harbour is the centre of Gudhjem. The small cafés here are buzzing with activity. This is also the port for daily departures to the Ertholmene Archipelago with its interesting fortress islands of Christiansø and Frederiksø north-east of Bornholm. The proud tour boat Thor also departs from here to take passengers along the coast to see the stunning rock formations "Helligdomsklipperne" (Sanctuary Rocks) where the Bornholm Art Museum is also situated. As Thor heads back to Gudhjem, you can visit the Art Museum with its impressive collection of Bornholm art and afterwards catch a later boat back to Gudhjem.

A visit to Gudhjem wouldn't be complete without going to the smokehouse to try the regional Bornholm dish "Sun above Gudhjem", comprising smoked herring, chives, radishes and a raw egg yolk. Bon appétit and welcome to Gudhjem!


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