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Dueodde. Southern tip of Bornholm. Beach. Forest. Well-being.

Dueodde is the southernmost tip of Bornholm. Its miles of sandy beach are ideal for pleasant beach activities and playing. The water is clear and the sand so fine that it was used in hourglasses right up to the 1800s. Napoleon himself is reputed to have used Dueodde sand.

Dueodde is a mini-village with a restaurant, small shops and, of course, the renowned ice-cream shop selling its tempting, delicious ice cream all summer long. If you're looking for exercise, climb to the top of Dueodde Lighthouse: 198 steps lead to the top, from where there are magnificent views of the sea and the South Bornholm landscape.

Dueodde is also known for its 18-hole golf course and for its leg of Etape Bornholm - a renowned marathon run in stages over five days, where the sandy Dueodde leg is reputedly one of the toughest. If you like running, Etape Bornholm is a fantastic experience - for spectators as well.

Or perhaps you are tempted by a walk in the woods down cosy wooded lanes? Dueodde Badehotel is surrounded by a lovely pine forest. Two German emplacements from World War II are hidden among the trees. Back then, this was a treeless landscape, and the Germans, who had equivalent emplacements in what was then East Prussia on the opposite shore of the Baltic, wanted to command the seaward approach to the Soviet Union's Baltic ports. Although the huge guns were never put to use, the thick bunker walls will bear witness to a grim period for many centuries to come. In spite of their dismal background, the two bunkers are an interesting experience.

Bornholm has a finely meshed network of cycling paths and tracks starting at Dueodde Badehotel. Hire a bicycle and experience the waving fields of grain en route to the cosy fishing hamlet of Snogebæk, some 6 kilometres from Dueodde. Experiences for eye and palate await you here. Kjærstrup Chokolade's hand-made chocolate is a tempting delicacy. Or try tasting the highly acclaimed ice cream from Boisen Is. Snogebæk also features attractive cafés, interesting boutiques and shops, a herring smokehouse, craft artists and weekly collectors' markets. 

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